10 Most Difficult Things To Do on Earth

#1 Waking up from sleep 

Once you fall asleep, it takes you forever to wake up.
Keep snoozing the alarm unconsciously?

#2 Not to get distracted by the object walking pass your class

Object that walks pass your class also caught your attention, isn't it? 

#3 Fall asleep with a standing pose

It's never easy to sleep while standing.

#4 Fully concentrate in revision for at least an hour without any distraction

There's always something that distract your attention away from books.

#5 Give the super duper lame joker a punch on his/her face

Moment when your friend shared a super cold joke.
You wished to punch, but too bad you can't :/

#6 Say NO to sumptuous food/desserts

egg athlantic
Nice food is always that seducing.

#7 Ask for phone number from gorgeous who you admire

#8 Reach your nostrils with your sexy red tongue

#9 Survive for a day without internet connectivity

It's like losing connection to the whole world.

#10 Skipped 1-9 and straight jumped into this point :P


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