10 High School Precious Moments

What are the moments student going to miss the most after leaving high school?

#1 Ponteng 

The most common and also the most favorite 'hobby' of student. When student start to feel bored, 'ponteng' would be the first task appear in their mind. It's even epic when friends grin and look at each other, and they have the same thought in minds. That's the moment you will found suddenly a group of students disappear in the class for a period of time. They are actually now having a walking marathon in school compound. Indeed, ponteng is fun and relaxing. Who doesn't like it? HAHA

#2 Sit with friends and chit chat

Student loves to change seats among each other, they just cant sit on the same chair for a longer period. Students change seats so that they can sit together with friends, and gossip with bunch of friends. Side one, front one, behind one, or even the next row one, gather together and chat like there is no tomorrow. To be honest, this is the best moment ever. The main purpose of students coming to school? Perhaps.

#3 Sleep in the class

Tables in class are extremely comfortable for a sudden. It's so magical that it manages to attract student to lie on it and have a nap. The best part comes when the school bag can be used as pillow. Wonderful. Who never sleep in class before? The most challenging and exciting part is when teacher is teaching, and you use a book to cover yourselves to prevent teacher from noticing you sleeping. Bravoo!  

#4 Copying friends' homework

'Eh XXX, have you done with your homework? Borrow me and copy.' This is the golden phrase that can be heard in every single schooling day. Student never tend to feel anxious when they are not done with their homework. Chill and calm. " Don't know how to do the work, never mind, it's alright, I can copy from friends tomorrow." 

#5 Rushing homework in class

Student tends to be very hardworking sometimes. They always rush to finish all the homework given before the school ends. So that they can have a relaxing and chilling time after school. They want a simpler and relaxing life. 

#6 Recess time 

One of the moment student loves the most. Student even start looking forward for the arrival of recess right after assembly ended. Once the recess bell rang, 'phroomssss', suddenly half of the students in the class gone. Or you may find some students from another class appear in your class, sitting and treating it as their classroom.

#7 Stalk girls of another class

Favorite of the guys? They love to stalk pretty girls, especially juniors. They can like walk from one end to another end of school, just to have a peep of the pretty girl. Or when a pretty girl walking pass the classroom, you will notice many guys will automatically rotate their eyes and heads to the direction of the girl. All the 'hamsap' faces come out. HAHA. 

#8 Teacher absent

Moment which every student cheers for. They can do whatever they want. They walk around in the class, they form groups and chat loudly, they play, they gossip, they do whatever they wish. Class monitor hate this the most. This is because no one will bother or notice him/her even though he/she shouts to the top of his/her lungs. Class monitor is just simply transparent. Perhaps class monitor should join them as well, isn't it a better choice? haha 

#9 Dating in class

Couple couple time. Couple change seat with friends, so that they can sit together and dating. They sweet talk, play 'flower gun', hold hand, touch here touch there, but no much people is going to give them a bother. Some students even need to be 'posbird' to help them pass their love notes around.  

#10 You talk yours, I talk mine

Moment when no one bother what is teacher talking. Teachers talk theirs, and you talk yours. Some teachers are kind enough to bear with this, but if you're unfortunate, you might kena shot by the teachers. But still, students still love to do so. It's just unchangeable. What to do? haha

There's the top 10 precious moments during high school based on my perspective. So how about you? Any other wonderful moment you wish to share with us? Just comment :)

High school life is actually very fun, isn't it?
How about yours? :)

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