SPM Result Slip & Its Value

Students cry tears of joy when they succeeded to achieve outstanding results in SPM. 

However, students cry with a broken heart when they failed to achieve their goal in SPM. 

Students feel proud of their outstanding achievement, and this has motivated them to strive even further and harder. It boosts their powers, boosts their eagerness to achieve even more. 

However, students, who failed to score in SPM, feel depressed and demotivated. They tend to blame themselves, for failing to do well in exam. They tend to feel useless, for not able to achieve their goal. They tend to look down on themselves, for not able to achieve what other does. They tend to lose hope in life, for not able to do well in SPM. Negative thoughts will automatically pop out in their minds, demotivating them, and greatly destroyed their self-esteems and dreams.

Anyway, failed to score in SPM is not the end of the world. Indeed, it is just the beginning of your life. Failing to score well in SPM does not mean you are a failure. Failing to score well in SPM does not mean you do not have a bright future. Failing to score well in SPM does not mean you are not as good as others. Failing to score well in SPM does not mean you will not success in every task anymore. 

So, don't feel depressed and lose hope when your SPM results are not that satisfying as you wish. 

Indeed, what are the actual value of SPM slip can bring to us?

#1  'Certificate' of Completing High School

It's a sign and acknowledgment that you have done and completed your high school education.  

#2  'License' to Access Pre-U or Higher Education Level

SPM slip acts like a pass for you to continue studies to higher education level. Of course, as long as your SPM results meet their requirement, you can easily further your studies to Pre-U level. 

#3  Scholarship Application

The main role of SPM result slip. 

#4  Self-test?

Maybe yes or maybe no? 

Based on my personal perspective and experience, these are the major values of a SPM result slip.

So, if you not manage to achieve your goal in SPM, do not give up! Try harder in Pre-U or degree.

One fact that you need to know is that --- No one is going to look on your SPM result slips or judge you on your SPM result once you enter university. 

Do well and strive harder in your Pre-U course. Pre-U is pretty much more important than your SPM. 

Don't lose hope. There's still chance to success


# Pre-U results determine which university you going to enter, high-ranked university or a lower one.

# Scholarships are offered for students with outstanding Pre-U results.

# Students tend to do better in Pre-U than SPM. Because Pre-U course mostly made up of units that students are more interested in. Unlike SPM, students are compulsory to deal with subjects that they hated the most for example memorizing subject like Sejarah. 

# Students tend to do even well in Degree compared to SPM. Because when it comes to Degree, students are now dealing with the area and field that they are more interested in. This helps to enhance their motivation and interests in studying.

So, do not get to upset and feel hopeless when you failed to score well in SPM. Try harder. 

Do well in your Pre-U and Degree. This is the moment when people start looking at you and judge you. 

Once you manage to do well in your Pre-U and Degree, your poor SPM result is not a big deal anymore. You are going to apply job with your degree certificate, not your SPM slip. 

Never give up so easily. The path is still long for you to go through. Failed to score well in SPM? Nevermind, stand up and continue trying. Who knows you succeed to score flying color in your Pre-U and Degree? 

Always stay motivated!
Always have faith in yourselves!

Anyway, do try your best in your SPM too! 

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  1. Pretty true. nice post indeed.

  2. well said! (Y)

  3. sure lah u can say that way bcoz u r good student but me??!! I know who I am, the smell & the vision of fail r playing around my head & nose, I know this coming spm, my result will ____________ u know la what I mean. all my ambition begin to say goodbye to me. well if my spm is terrible I'll not regret it bcos that's my quality and the price of what I've doing in previous year