Today's People: Mr Sai Mun

Who is Mr Sai Mun? Astro tutor? Teacher? Owner of this blog? Handsome? Model? 
You might know or listen about his name before, but do you really know about him? Never mind. You will have a clearer image about him after reading this post :D

The first day I met Mr. Sai Mun was about 6 years ago. I registered myself to his tuition after the recommendation from my friends. I think my friend did a great job, as she recommended the right one for me. And yea, there goes my right decision as well. I'm glad that I'm given the chance to learn and work under him. He's a guy who fulls of dreams, and dare to pursue his dreams. He knows what he's doing, and he plans for everything. He is not beaten by failures easily, yet he fights it back even stronger. He's truly a good example to learn and follow.

Frankly speaking, he's a very nice teacher. I learnt a lot of things from him, not just academic-wised. 

He always put himself in the shoes of his students. He always prepare lots of sweets in his class for students to consume in order to prevent his students from falling asleep.

He always make sure his explanations and notes are precise and easy to understand. 

He's a friendly and cute teacher. This makes students to be very close with him, like friends more than teacher and student. Undeniably this provides a very comfortable study environment for the students. They won't feel afraid to ask questions or things that they don't understand. This situation really helps a student in his/her understanding and study a lot.

He's humor (maybe?). He will always try to make some 'funny' (cold) jokes in class to make sure his class is not that boring but indeed to make it even more interesting. 

He's a great motivator. He always motivate his students. No matter you're a good student or an average student, he's never biased. He always has his own ways to motivate his students. This is because he truly understand that a student can do even better when he/she has the support and acknowledgement from teacher.

He always give his best to students. When student needs help from him, he wouldn't say no. He often open extra classes (FOC) for students in order to make sure his students are fully prepared for the exam. Even if he's not free to make it for the extra class, he will ask his senior students or tutors to come and help the students up. It's hardly to get such teacher who put the priority on student, you might highly ask to pay for an extra class outside.

He cares of students. His notes are really simple and informative. It's easy for student to understand and get straight to the main points. It's more than enough by just reading his notes for SPM (Of course, provided with sufficient of practicing). He is now trying to help more students by making his notes available for purchase to students from every corner of Malaysia. It's pretty good, isn't it? Good things should be shared instead of keeping alone!

Yea, there are lots of good or outstanding teachers out there. But, I would say Mr. Sai Mun surely is one of them, or even among the top one. It's not an exaggeration. Every teacher has his own style, and of course, he has his own Sai Mun style. Some students might dislike his ways of teaching, but it doesn't mean he is bad. There's always a minority of people who going the opposite way. No one is perfect, but he is truly good enough to become a very good teacher. 

Here's his personal details and achievements:

#Experienced & Highly Trained
  • Involved in teaching for more than 10 years. 
  • Used to teach in Taylor's College for 2 years before becoming a full-time teacher at Sri KDU high school. 
  • Actively involved in teaching various educational programs and levels for instance South Australian Matriculation (SAM), Canadian International Matriculation Program (CIMP), International Baccauleareaute (IB) and Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM).
  • Certified physics teacher from IB International Training, Hong Kong.
  • Has liaised with teachers from Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.
  • Graduated as Bachelor of Engineering with Dean List achievements.
#Wide Acknowledgement in Educational Excellence
  • Astro Top Tutor TV Channel 605
  • Radio Interview with BFM 89.9 (Business FM Malaysia)
  • Media Interview by The Star Newspaper
  • NTV 7 Breakfast Show Interview at Sri Pentas, Bandar Utama
  • Article in New Straits Times as the recipient of 'Youth Friendly Company 2008'
  • Article in The Star Newspaper along with 'AYA Awards 2008'
  • Article in Sin Chew Jit Poh and China Press 
  • Article in RAGE The Star
  • Recipient of Tun Dato' Seri Omar Ong Scholarship by Sunway College

Astro Top Tutor TV
AYA Awards 2008

Radio interview with BFM 89.9

Actions speak louder than words.

Every of his students love him :)

More information can be obtained at VIP Education

Facebook page Mr Sai Mun

Instagram: mrsaimun


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