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Sai Mun found it hard to pay attention in classes during his schooling years. He also found it very difficult to understand his teachers' lessons. When he was 14 years old, he was in the worst class of his year. His parents nearly chased him out of the house for bad grades and disciplinary problems. This event changed his mind and he decided to fully dedicate his time and effort to finding methods to learn effectively and quickly. He started to seek help from his peers that did very well in exams, learning from them. He spent more than 10,000 hours of his life on research and supported the production of extraordinary notes, content and videos to help other struggling students around the world.


I still remember how my teaching career started. One of my neighbours requested me to teach his son who is form 3 and i was only 17 years old. She got to know me as i was one of the top students of the school nearby. I remember teaching him many ways to remember the key points and extending my teaching hours by 30 to 40 minutes. At the same time i tried to motivate him by rewarding him if he scores an A. The moment when he told me he did very well in his test inspires me to become a greater teacher. 

My passion for teaching started right after i graduated in Bachelor's in Engineering, i started to teach professionally in a few small tuition centres and drove to houses to do home tuitions far and near. The pay is not something i am proud of but i do enjoy the experience very much and my learning is exponential. 

As most tuition classes are in the evening, i figure why don't i take up a part time teaching job in the morning. Finally, Taylors' College (currently known as Taylor's University) hired me to teach Pre-U, SAM and CPU Physics and at the same year i venture into my 1st tuition centre in Subang Jaya. I was only 21. 

In the 1st 3 years of teaching, i spend many many hours each day on preparing A+ notes, what to say in class, what are the jokes, how to motivate my students to achieve maximum potential. Each minute and second of the lesson has to planned out to ensure the students gain maximum benefit in my class. In a short period of 5 years, my tuition classes grow from 1 student per class till now my largest number of students in one class can be up to 73 students. 

Thank you for the support of students, teachers and parents. 

After so many years, i still love to teach and i'm still teaching. Currently, i'm not only teaching students, but also parents, my staff, and my team of powerful teachers. I'm lucky enough to have worked with great individuals building different platforms to serve the community.

We are recruiting passionate and talented individuals to join us and make a difference in the local and international education field

I believe "Teaching requires passion and energy, the reward is phenomenal"

by Sai Mun


  1. Love your passion for teaching ! Keep it up ! GOD Bless you !

  2. macha!! love you teaching!!!! belanja me makan!!!! <3

  3. Macamana nak dapatkan buku semua ni..