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Thursday, September 11, 2014

IGCSE Chemistry Crash Course Notes

IGCSE Chemistry Crash Course Notes is finally out. 

IGCSE Chemistry Complete Crash Course Notes is the first IGCSE booklet typed prepared by Mr Sai Mun and his team.

This booklet is for students who are going for IGCSE Chemistry Exam in 12 to 1 months time.
They have compressed and condensed all the important key points for the complete igcse syllabus. ALL the 11 units are included which prepares students for IGCSE Year 10 and Year 11 school examinations.

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Malaysian Education System: It's Not All Bad

We Malaysians are always quick to complain when something is to our distaste. The education system, for example, is a frequent target of these discussions.

The common complaint is that it focuses too much on memory work and regurgitation. That it is too exam-oriented and ignores critical thinking. That we’re only taught to be photocopy machines and are, therefore, being spoon-fed instead of actively learning. You’ll often hear many dismissing the system as we believe that it puts us as a handicap, and does not fully develop our thinking skills.

Formats, formats, it’s all about formats.
My favourite example of this is Pendidikan Moral, a core subject that is dedicated completely to memorizing 36 moral definitions. Last year, there was an uproar during SPM 2013 when the exam structure was changed—without prior notification—to be more open-ended.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

SPM Timetable 2014

Updated: 12 August 2014 [Final & Confirmed Timetable]

The latest SPM Timetable 2014. Here are the most popular papers date and day.

The SPM 2014 starts from 3rd November 2014 to 3rd December 2014, here's the confirmed and finalised timetable SPM 2014 or more popular known as Jadual Peperiksaan SPM 2014. 

3 November 2014, Monday - Bahasa Melayu
4 November 2014, Tuesday- English
5 November 2014, Wednesday- Mathematics
6 November 2014, Thursday- Pendidikan Moral / Islam

10 November 2014, Monday- Sejarah Kertas 1 Kertas 2
13 November 2014, Thursday- Sejarah Kertas 3

17 November 2014, Monday-  Prinsip Perakaunan
19 November 2014, Wednesday- Additional Mathematics
20 November 2014, Thursday- Physics / Science

24 November 2014, Monday - Chemistry
25 November 2014, Tuesday- Biology

1 December 2014, Tuesday- Bahasa Cina / Arab / Tamil 
3 December 2014, Wednesday - EST 

Wishing you all the best! 

7 Reasons Why Teaching is for You

7 Reasons Why Teaching is for You

1. Staying Younger
I had a teaching experience in 2010 in a primary school. I spent lots of time with children from 8 to 10-year old. Being around the circle of children from 8 to 10-year old made me think young as I had to be engaged with them to understand and get to know them better. Sometimes kids do have some awesome idea that pleasantly surprised you.
Mr. Sai Mun is a real good example because he has been teaching for 10 years. Teenagers are definitely harder to deal with. However, his passion in teaching helps to bridge the gap between him and the students. Being around teenagers definitely has kept him updated and knowledgeable about current trends and ideas. Evidence? Check out his Instagram and Facebook!

2. Building Confidence
Teaching builds one's confidence as the teachers are obliged to share the right and accurate information and knowledge. As the teachers lead the students everyday, it helps to build their confidence because they know what they are talking about.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

5 Reasons Why Do Your Children Need Tuition?

1. Learning Disabilities
Some children are diagnosed with a learning disorder such as ADHD, dyslexia, and visual processing problem. These children often have to work way  more harder than their peers to make sure they are on the same academic track. These children will have to seek for help from tutors who are experienced in teaching children with disabilities by having more time and attention needed to master subjects by the tutors. These tutors can present information in a way that is easier for a child to understand.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

7 Reasons Why Communication Skill is Important

Maintain Good Relationship After Marriage
For every marriage, the key to maintain a long relationship isn't just to avoid conflict between wife and husband, but to find a successful resolution for it. According to statistics, over half of all marriages ended in divorce, and one of the reasons which leads to divorce is lack of effective communications. Besides, men and women have very different ways of communication and thinking, that's why men and women must know how to communicate well so that two people can get along well for the rest of their lives.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Top 10 Reasons to Study in International School

Gain stronger English ability
In Malaysia, most students prefer to speak their mother-tongue instead of English. The situation worsens when they came from vernacular primary school and felt shy to communicate with other students from different races in English. Even if they did try to speak English, the way they speak is always improper where you can easily feel the mixed grammatical structure of Malay and Chinese (aka Malaysian English, e.g. Why you so like that one?). In International School, students are forced to communicate with international students in proper English where students abroad can’t really understand Malaysia English.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Top 9 Things You Must Know About IGCSE

Have you heard of IGCSE? Have you ever thought of sending your children to the IGCSE instead of the local school? 

Do you know that a different study environment and assessment could leave a great impact on the students’ personal and intellectual development? 

Here are the Top 9 things that you should know about IGCSE in Malaysia.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Score Biology & Mathematics with Ms. Hwa Li


Ms Tan Hwa Li is an ambitious teacher with strong academic achievements in the past. During her secondary years, she has scored straight A's for every public national examination. She was then graduated with First Class Honour in USM where she majored in Biomedicine. She was also presented with Dean's List Honors Awards for the consistent academic excellence during her undergraduate years.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Is This The Right Primary School For Your Children?

The changeover to primary school is a great bound in a child’s schooling. They go from the nurturing, tranquil atmosphere of a pre-school, nursery or kindergarten to having to actually learn numeracy, reading and writing; and to build the aptitude to process and remember information. Primary school starts between the ages of five to seven, depending on which curriculum you have chosen.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Score SPM Biology & Chemistry with Ms. Elizabeth


Ms. Elizabeth is a dedicated and empathic educator who strives to not only educated and guide but also share and inculcate her love for knowledge amongst her students. She encourage her students to challenge themselves and to hone their existing academic abilities through encouragement and motivation.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Scholarships 2014

Congratulations to all SPM students who received their results today. Good luck and work harder for those who failed to achieve their expectations. There's still chance to success during your pre-u and universities. Do not give up, work harder, strive for your dreams.

The very first thing you need to consider and do now is to look for scholarships and apply it. Don't waste or miss out the opportunity. Try your luck and perform the best of you during interview, you will stand a chance to get a scholarship. Grab a scholarship and further your education.

Here's the list of scholarships available for SPM and STPM scholars. Good luck and all the best :)

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Score SPM & IGCSE Add Maths with Mr. Austin

Additional Mathematics, undeniably one of the hardest and scariest subject for majority of the students. 

It might be a bit headache for you right now, but if you manage to apply the correct techniques accompanied with a proper guidance, scoring in Additional Mathematics is no longer a big deal for you.

His student enjoy his teaching a lot.


Mr. Austin is a high achiever himself during his high school. In tertiary level, he has attained commendable results and achievements. Nurtured by his own interest in Mathematical language, he has been actively teaching Additional Mathematics and Mathematics for more than 7 years.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

7 Common White Lies That People Tells

Who never tell lies? But be extra caution when women tell you these common lies, because they often mean something behind the lies. Haha :)

#1 What to eat? Anything, you decide.

Even if you have suggested or decided what to eat, most of your suggestions (or I should say all of them) will be rejected. Women will normally response to your decision with "Har? But I don't feel like eating it", "It's so fattening! Don't want", "Errr, nope", and etc. Ended up, they will come up with a decision and there goes your meal of the day. Problem solved. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

IGCSE Exam Timetable May/June 2014

For all Malaysian International Schools taking IGCSE Exam in May/June 2014.

Week One
Mathematics Extended (0580/23) - 06 May 2014 Tuesday | 1 hour 30 mins |
Biology (0610/62) - 06 May 2014 Tuesday | 1 hour |
Physics (0625/62) - 07 May 2014 Wednesday | 1 hour |
Geography (0460/13) - 08 May 2014 Thursday | 1 hour 45 mins |
First Language English [Reading & Writing] Extended (0500/22) Thursday - 08 May 2014 | 2 hours |

Week Two
Mathematics Extended (0580/43) - 12 May 2014 Monday | 2 hours 30 mins |
Geography (0460/23) - 13 May 2014 Tuesday | 1 hour 30 mins |
Chemistry (0620/62) - 13 May 2014 Tuesday | 1 hour |
Biology [Multiple Choice] (0610/12) - 15 May 2014 Thursday | 45 mins |
Biology Extended (0610/32) - 15 May 2014 Thursday | 1 hour 15 mins |
First Language English [Direct Writing & Composition] Ext. (0500/32)  - 16 May 2014 Friday | 2 hours |

Week Three
Physics [Multiple Choice] (0625/12) - 19 May 2014 Monday | 45 mins |
Physics Extended (0625/32) - 19 May 2014 Monday | 1 hour 15 mins |
First Language Chinese [Reading] (0590/13) - 20 May 2014 Tuesday | 2 hours |
First Language Chinese [Writing] (0509/23) - 21 May 2014 Wednesday | 1 hour 15 mins |
Chemistry [Multiple Choice] (0620/12) - 21 May 2014 Wednesday | 45 mins |
Chemistry Extended (0620/32) - 21 May 2014 Wednesday | 1 hour 15 mins |
Geography (0460/43) - 22 May 2014 Thursday | 1 hour 30 mins |
Economics [Multiple Choice] (0455/12) - 23 May 2014 | 45 mins |

Week Four
Economics (0455/22) - 03 June 2014 Tuesday | 2 hours 15 mins |

Week Five
Additional Mathematics (0606/12) - 10 June 2014 Tuesday | 2 hours |
Additional Mathematics (0606/22) - 11 June 2014 Wednesday | 2 hours |


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Friday, March 7, 2014

Choosing The Right Day Care Centre For Your Children

Living cost is increasing dramatically which resulted in both parents work for incomes.
There are normally two camps of parenting nowadays – one where a parent stays at home to look after the child, and more often than not in the current economic climate, one where both parents work. If you are lucky enough to have extended family willing to pitch in and help with childcare, then returning to work can be done with peace of mind.

In many cases live-in help or a caretaker is the better choice, principally in this part of the world; and there are also those who drop their child off at the neighbourhood babysitter’s home. But for a snowballing number of parents, the option of sending their baby or child to a day care centre is increased by leaps and bounds. This is basically because of few factors, which are wanting the child to have the company of other children, and having the reassurance that a reputable day care will provide education, care and fun activities in a clean and safe environment.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Things You Need to Know About Queensland, Australia

Queensland is a small city if compared to Sydney or Melbourne. The lifestyle at this state is really relaxing and kind of laid-back. I would like to say that it's really a nice experience to visit Queensland. It aids to slow down your steps and enjoy your life after busying for months or years. Those are the few things I would like to highlight.

#The University of Queensland

One of the Group of Eight. The campus is seriously big and stunning. It is just more than a university. The lake is huge, the garden is big. It just doesn't look like a university. Undeniably it would be a super good experience to pursue studies here. The environment is just too good. One word, splendid.

#Night Life

To be honest, it was a bit scary for me. The night life over here is seriously crazy. It makes an obvious contrast between day and night in term of amount of people at the streets. When it comes to night, the street where full of night clubs is seriously damn pack to the extent you would see policemen every where. This is probably to control the safeness of the people and prevent fighting after getting drunk. Indeed, there's a number of strip clubs which offers adult entertainment. This is the thing which you will never see in Malaysia. Moreover, it is surprising to find out there's actually more girls when it comes to night life. The number of girls coming out for night life is greatly exceeded the number of guys. Personally think that guys would be on the demand at this point.

Fortitude Valley, Brisbane


The public transportation here is seriously superb. I would like to give a big thumb to this. The buses are always on time. You rarely see them late. They are super efficient and always reach on time. Every 15 minutes there will be a bus. And the estimated arriving time is greatly accurate. This is something Malaysia really need to learn and adapt. I was pretty amazed by the efficiency of their public transportation. Indeed, there's jetty as public transportation at Brisbane river too! 

Public Bus

#Theme Parks

Sea World, Wet & Wild, Movie World, Dream World. All located at Gold Coast. Although it's a bit pricey, but it definitely worth a visit. It's super fun. Sea World is the park which you will get to see aqua animals like dolphins, penguins, pelican and etc. There's roller coasters too. Wet & Wild is water park which is something similar to Sunway Lagoon. But it is much more fun compared to Sunway Lagoon. Aqualoop is the highlight of Wet & Wild for sure. Movie World, my most favourite park among all. Green Lantern coaster, Batwing spaceshot, Superman escape, simply splendid. Pure enjoyment! Something that you would not feel bored of playing it.

Sea World
Polar bear in the house!
Wet & Wild Rockzz
Aqualoop @ Wet & Wild
Aqualoop @ Wet & Wild
Warner Brothers Movie World
Monroe in the house!
We are Justice League!
Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster! 
Green Lantern Coaster
Superman Escape!
Batwing Spaceshot!

#Gold Coast

One of the beauty of Queensland. The seaside is just simply amazing and chilling. Sand, sea, surf, sun, and sensational! You will see people running, working out, cycling along the seaside. The strong wind blows on your face, what you feel is just comfort whereas all your tiredness and sadness will just gone with the wind magically. 

#Currumbin Wildlife

It's a zoo located at Gold Coast. You are able to see and touch koala and kangaroo here! Indeed, Runningman from Korea played one of its station game here! I'm lucky enough to witness the filming here.

The Muscle-Roo
Selfie with kangaroo. Mission accomplished.
Witnessing the filming of Runningman. It's real fun.
Runningman in the town!

#Morning Market

It's morning market, which is only available on Saturday morning and located at Davies Park, West End of Brisbane. It is much more cleaner compared to Malaysia's. It doesn't like Malaysia's market, walk path is wet, and disgusting smell keeps haunting your nose. It is super clean. You can get lots of cheap stuffs there. One must try is their ginger beer. It tastes nice, really nice. 

Ginger beer
Street Art

#Lake Moogerah

A place I highly recommended. The night view is really fantastic and stunning. You can infinity of blinking stars accumulated above you head. Indeed, you would have the chance to witness meteors. If you are lucky enough, you are even able to see the milky way. The night view is really superb. The feeling of lying on the grass watching stars and meteors on the sky is really heaven-liked. Too bad phone camera is too poor to snap the beauty of the night scene.

Night view of Lake Moogerah
Milky way

In short, Queensland (Gold Coast & Brisbane) is really a super nice place to visit. If you wish to have a relaxing getaway, Queensland would be the correct place. It's a place which everyone would fall in love to. Highly recommended.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Confidence Starts With Language

Confidence is often associated with the ability to communicate well. Confidence and language have always gone hand-in-hand. Frequently, we find that the most magnetic leaders are confident and adept in conveying their opinions and visions. Needless to say, confidence is crucial to all great achievement.

It is vital to groom our children for the future by assisting them to discover their inner confidence. As our children grow up in a world where bridges substitute barriers, our language needs are persistently evolving. Given that the English language is an essential part of this global communication, the key is to ensure that children develop strong English language skills to allow them to express themselves confidently.

Mastering languages is a dynamic process that requires a multi-faceted approach to ensure students maintain their momentum and interest in developing their skills.

It is always advisable to send your children to language classes since small. This is simply because this is the perfect time for them to learn and adapt it into their life. It would build a strong base and foundation for them. With interactive classes that engage students in listening, speaking, reading and writing in a particular language, students are groomed to develop their own voice and confidence in communicating.

Reality, children who have a better language foundation since young tend to master the language better than those who did not. They manage to learn and speak better, which eventually boost their confidence. At the meanwhile, for those who failed to speak fluently, they tend to be quieter and lack of confidence. As the time goes, this might greatly affect their growth in term of academic and socializing. In short, early childhood education and guidance are greatly important as this is highly associated with their future development.

Indeed, this would help them to perform well in their studies and examinations. Students who have a better language foundation tend to score well in examinations. Almost all of the subjects today are taught in English. How to score in SPM and IGCSE? It starts with mastering languages.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Is This The Right Secondary School For Your Children

Hey there!
This might be the main concern for most of the parents out there
and now I'm going to answer your question.

Secondary school is a school which provide children with part or all of their secondary education typically between ages of 11-13 and 16-18. It comes after primary school  and may be followed by higher education or vocational training. Hence, it is very important for parents to choose the right secondary school for their children as this is the age where children develop into a better person and build in good personalities among themselves.

It's a decision that seriously stresses some of the most sanguine parents, so how do you go about deciding which secondary school is best for your child?
Basically, it's best to use a variety of antennae to suss a school out: ask around, be aware of a school's reputation, read their Ofsted reports online, be across the exam results and browse the school website.

However, it is also important to think of 

#1 What curriculum does the school employ?

It's always best to think ahead  where you child might work. Secondary school usually hold a series of open day for you or your child to pay a visit and get to know more about the secondary school.There is no substitute for actually visiting an open day when choosing right secondary school for your children.

#2 Has the school being accredited by an official body?

In Malaysia, Malaysian Qualification Agency is an example of official body that gives credit to the secondary school available in Malaysia. If yes? then how are their ratings on a national and international level? Usually it will be judged based on a few criteria that will be results of the school, qualities of the teachers, and testimonial by the students as well as co-curriculum activity that available in that school.

#3 What is your children opinion towards the school?

At this point, child of at age of teenagers now would have already developed an  intelligible opinion on what they want. It is imperative to  have them involved in such a critical decision. This is because it is important for children to like the environment of the school before he or she could adapt or excel well in any aspect. However, if your child is unable to give how they feel towards the school, parents can stand ahead and make the decision for the child if necessary.

#4 What happens on a typical day at school? 

Parents can choose to visit the school during weekday where students are at school and spot the environment whether it is suitable for your child or not.

#5 What is the lunch spread like?

Meal is something very important as well beside of the price of the food, parents should also be concern whether the school canteen cater to the needs of your child  nutritionally.

#6 What is the schools philosophy, goals and aims? 

For example some will have a strong  sports ethic, some will follow a religious affiliation and others promote individuality and artistic pursuits. Are you looking for a curriculum with balanced sporting and academic approach or one with strengths in artistic and musical area, or in science or maths? An environment with strong academic focus might be important to you, or perhaps one that teaches your child more about your religious views. It all depends on what's you think important to you and your child.
Education is not just for study but education also prepare ones for life. A good and clear aim or goals for a school is important to lead the certain school towards new height. Ask the school department for more about their vision and mission during your visit to their school so that you would not make a single regret. Are they tandem with the value you  hold or you want your children to practise? If yes, go ahead.

#7 Will the parents be actively updated on their children's progress in school?

Teachers-parents conference should be held every semester so that parents can monitor their child performance.

#8 How does school deal with its disciplinary cases?

Does the school have a good discipline? This can be seen at their students. If there're any disciplinary cases happens, school should inform parents immediately to correct their child from making the wrong thing all over again in the future.

#9 Will there be good pastoral care provided for the students?

Safety around the school is very important as well. Is there always cases like robbery happen around the school area? Well, no one wants to live in fear everyday when going to or back from college.

#10 How does the school help in getting students into good colleges?

This indirectly related to the reputation of the school. The counselling teachers in the school should be playing an important role in this as well to ensure that the students have a great chance to enter good colleges for a better future.

Other factors you could take into account include:

  • the school previous academic results or performance in other areas such as the art, sports or community engagement.
  • the school's religious affiliation or otherwise.
  • the facilities the school has to support child's learning - such as library
  • the school's size and number of children enrolled
  • tour preference in relation in public versus private education
  • location of school, cost or difficulty of travelling to and from school, and public transport options
  • the connection between the school and the local community
  • the opportunities for parent and family involvement with the school, and how communication between home and the school is managed.

Lastly, here's a website that might help in making decision :) 
All the best!

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