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Monday, July 13, 2015

Crash Course PHYSICS Now

The following videos can help you revise physics quickly and effectively last minute. Its free and you can share it with your friends. All the best in your SPM.


you will learn how to draw all the popular electric field pattern which is 2 to 3 marks

you can will learn all about electromagnetic induction which includes Faraday's Law and the popular Lenz's Law. The concept of Lenz's Law is often asked in exams as there are a lot applications.

You will quickly learn how motor works and how to draw electric field on a motor

Crash course on how to use Fleming's Left Hand Rule to determine the direction of force
in motor also called motor role.


You will learn how a ticker tape looks like and what it means with different pattern of ticks

Quickly learn how to calculate ticker timer velocity and acceleration.

Motion graphs is the all time popular for Form 4 exams and in SPM. Here's the quick video about it. 

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Monday, June 22, 2015

If He Can Do It, You Can Do It Too

This article is written not to show off my students and
it is definitely not to show how smart and lucky he is. 

This post is written to inspire you, to let you know, everyone has equal opportunities. Everyone needs to work hard and the harder you work the luckier you get. The lucky ones are the ones who work the hardest. Although when you meet them they will humbly say 'i'm just lucky', but deep down they know they are more committed than you and they work harder than you but they don't show it off.  

To catch more tips from him pls follow the link below

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Sunday, May 31, 2015

If Only You Are A Teacher

This is a completely random post for the day. I have been a teacher tutor for more than 10 years and its an amazing journey when most people around me remain young while myself getting older. 

My passion to be a great teacher has always been there, started teaching students and now i have to teach my team of teachers/tutors and lead my amazing team of managers. 

For those who are considering jumping into the teaching field, you will find this post interesting. For those who are already in the field, you will find it refreshing. 

If only you are a teacher ....

you will experience ...
 they will steal your phone and then try to take funny selfie with your head in it. 
I think they are trying to poke a finger at my face and another slapping me

if the experiment involves 'fire' and 'explosion' they will be super excited
this experience is scientifically exhilarating 
try butane gas and detergent water

they will always take a random pictures of me at any angle
they can and try to be a professional
and laugh at the pictures they took at the end


they are always happy ..... reminds me of minions here..

 they will also try to stuffed all their big head into the small camera of my iphone

 and they force you to take selfie with them .. 
i try to act cute but totally failed here

they will also whatsapp me random pictures of myself on youtube
saying 'wa teacher, this video is helpful pls post more' 

at the end of the day, they score outstanding results 
and that's what it all matters

mums sending me lovely thank you messages 
which gives you a good perspective of what i did 
and what i can do more  

and also they want us to stick around 
to help their sons and daughter in the future.

If only you are a teacher...

Thank you to all the dedicated teachers out there who has been helping weak students to become stronger and stronger students to become great. I believe they are many great teachers out there that we have not heard of, nevertheless, you are an amazing soul who has changed the world by changing the students you teach. 

Thank you teacher


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Monday, May 11, 2015

SPM Timetable 2015

Updated: 11th May 2015 


The latest SPM Timetable 2015. Here are the most popular papers date and day.

Here the exact dates for SPM 2015.

The SPM 2015  starts at 2nd November 2015 to 8th December 2015, here's the timetable SPM 2015 for more common subjects taken by students

2 November 2015, Monday - Bahasa Melayu
3 November 2015, Tuesday- English
4 & 5 November 2015, Wed & Thurs- Sejarah

16 November 2015, Monday- Mathematics
17 November 2015, Tuesday- Pendidikan Moral / Islam
19 November 2015, Thursday- Prinsip Perakaunan

23 November 2015, Monday- Seni Visual
24 November 2015, Tuesday-  Additional Mathematics
25 November 2015, Wednesday- Physics
26 November 2015, Thursday- Chemistry/ Science

30 November 2015, Monday - Biology
1 December 2015, Tuesday- Eng Lit/ Geog
2 December 2015, Wednesday- Ekonomi Asas
3 December 2015, Thursday- Bahasa Cina / Arab / Tamil 

8 December 2015, Tuesday- EST

From the official Lembaga Peperiksaan Website states the following

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mid Year Exam Physics Form 4 Tips

Form 4 Physics Mid Year Exams questions are limited to only 2 or more chapters. Therefore the scope they can cover is also very small. Here are a few spotted questions you might want to go through for your 'last minute' preparation.

Best Method to prepare for your Mid Year Exam Form 4 is pick related questions from
1. SPM Past Year Book,  and also 

2. SBP or MRSM Past Year Book

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Monday, April 13, 2015

SPM Study Online FREE

I find student have to travel to different places for tuition and parents have to spend lots of time transporting their children to tuition centres and sometimes 2 or 3 places in a day. A student of mine who is studying in a top school in Cheras travels to USJ for a class and then back to Kota Damansara for our classes on a Sunday. I have the highest respect for the parents for putting so much effort to help their son. As a teacher and someone who runs a few centres we find that our greatest responsibility is to ensure our students receive effective lessons, we go beyond parents expectations and add value to their lifes. 

To save time and for the sake of convenience, we have to use technology.

We have produced SPM learning videos, it might not be the prettiest looking videos you can find in the internet but i assure you that i can very much help you with your exams and very effective. Each video has been prepared carefully from quality of content, the layout of information flow, sound quality, lightings control and etc. 

Pls 'subscribe' to show support, and we can produce 'more videos'

spm haber process

spm contact process

spm motion graphs physics

spm add math indices

Click HERE to go to the YouTube Channel

Pls 'subscribe' to show support, and we can produce 'more videos'

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

IGCSE Homeschooling, Are You Sure?

In our country, when we mention homeschooling,  it will usually end up being one of the two scenarios:

1. Going to centres to replace schooling time; this is what the majority does.

2. Students stay at home and are taught by their parents and tutors, which is the minority among the two options.

For this post, when we refer to homeschooling, we will be discussing option one: which are the student who are being taught at centres.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Level Past Year Questions 2014 with Marking Schemes

There are many students, parents and teachers looking for A-Level papers and marking schemes. They always ask me what is the fastest and easiest way to get the papers.

Here is the way to get it.

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Monday, March 30, 2015

SPM Practical Exams for 2015 Cancelled

Last year 2014, the examination board suddenly declared they want to stop Paper 3(written practical) and requested all schools to prepare for the lab practical for all sciences. So all teachers in school try to predict explain to the students whats going on. The lab assistants told us about the shortage of lab supplies and a million few problems we will be facing. We finally got it straighten up and we did solve all the major and minor problems to get our students ready., 

Now in Mac 2015, they changed their mind. 

I mean, lets put the teachers problems aside and focus on our students and children. They are already facing enough pressure because of SPM year, and they are already set for the new format and now they have to re-adjust again. It will be easy for stronger students but average to weak students might suffer and gave up. 

All the best to our SPM Students 2015. 

For those who didn't a get a chance to see the letter, here you go.

so next year 2016 confirmed?

'... practical SPM examinations will be delayed to 2016...'

let's hope no surprise last minute changes in the coming months

'..Paper 1, Paper 2, Paper 3 will be unchanged as per previous years...'

'...the letter dated 10 June 2014 is now cancelled...'

You can view the letter from the Lembaga Peperiksaan Official Website
or just click the direct link HERE

This matter we may reflect on 

1. Our MOE is actually making changes in hope to improve the education system
2. They are open this time since they posted up the official letter with errors.
1. Plan ahead and execute with plan 
2. They need to communicate with teachers and staffs who are on the field facing students each day
3. No reasons for cancellation were stated in the letter or any other portals
Well! Good Luck! 


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    Saturday, March 28, 2015

    Coffee Bean Treats For The Best

    Student: Teacher, you owe me prize money?

    Me: huh? what?

    Student: You said if i get highest in my class you give me a reward

    Me: (smile) sure, 1st show me your paper

    Student: Nah! (holding the paper proudly)

    Me: waaaa! ,.. congratulations, what you want coffeebean, boost juice or cha time?

    Student 2: I got for highest in the class for Chem too!

    Me: ok la, both of you will get a treat, so what do you want?

    Student: i'm ok with anything (happy)

    Student 2: Coffee bean then... (super happy also)


    when a student can be on top of the class under your teaching,
    it feels like a mini achievement,
    and you just wanted to do more for them,
    make sure they get straight A+ for SPM
    and life

    young people nowadays... well.. they like to share stuffs online

    just another random post.


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    Friday, March 20, 2015

    9 Problems Only SPM Students Will Understand

    With the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) results set to be released next week, we're narrowing down the problems faced by SPM students into the following 9 aspects. And... the most important is WHICH ARE THE PROBLEMS THAT YOU FACED?

    #1 Choosing a Course 

    Selecting the best possible course for SPM students is a key decision to make, and often a CHALLENGING one. There can be intense competition for the most popular courses, and later for graduate jobs.
    "As students, we had trouble trying to find the programmes for ourselves"
    So, discussion is a must among parents and children to find out the best selection. 

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    Sunday, March 15, 2015

    Thank You Messages From Students

    written and shared by nicole lee

    It is an undeniable fact that without your own hardwork you will not be able to achieve good results, but an A+ tutor is also as important in the process of learning. Thus, with the guidance of a knowledgeable and passionate tutor, it's almost a guarantee that you'll ace your examination (provided that you worked hard at the same time, but not as hard as without a good tutor), here are some examples. 

    Ex-students who mostly obtained excellent results in their SPM examination are all very grateful towards their tutors. Here are the thank you messages from some of the ex students to express their gratitude and appreciation towards their tutor's guidance which lead to them having such great results.  

    Don't forget to thank your tutors. :) 

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    Friday, March 6, 2015

    Malaysia Scholarships 2015

    I received a message from my ex-students and quickly share with you all. Thank you for whoever who came out with this list, its much hard work. 

    Upcoming Scholarships Application Opening Very Soon...

    9th March 2015 - PETRONAS Scholarships (Program Penajaan Pendidikan PETRONAS Untuk Lepasan SPM 2014…/petronas-education-spo…)

    10th March 2015 - PSD Scholarships for Engineering Programmes Abroad (Biasiswa JPA Untuk Lepasan SPM 2014 -…/program-kejuruteraan-p…)

    11th March 2015 - Bank Negara (Pre-University) Kijang Emas & Kijang Scholarships 

    14th March 2015 - Yayasan Sime Darby (YSD) Pre-University Scholarship Programme (Local) -…/yayasan-sime-darby-ysd…

    17th March 2015 - Felda Global Ventures Holdings Berhad Scholarships (Biasiswa FGV) -…/biasiswa-felda-global-…

    26th April 2015 - UEM Group Berhad Overseas Scholarship Programme…/uem-group-berhad-overs…

    24th April 2015 - Sin Chew Daily Education Fund -…/sin-chew-daily-educati…

    26th April 2015 - UEM Group Berhad Overseas Scholarship Programme…/uem-group-berhad-overs…

    Kami drpd kumpulan batch 30 SAMURA telah menubuhkan sebuah BLOG KHAS untuk lepasan SPM. Artikel2 adalah mengenai PROGRAM yg ada selepas SPM dan ditulis berdasarkan pengalaman2 kami sendiri. Harap korg dpt manfaatkan blog ni sebaik mungkin. Buat masa ini kami berjaya mengumpul 22 artikel drpd 22 pelajar batch kami dan akan ditambah dari semasa ke semasa:



    3. PUSAT ASASI SAINS UNVERSITI MALAYA (PASUM)…/pusat-asasi-sains-universit…

    4. FOUNDATION IN SCIENCE UITM PUNCAK ALAM (PALAM)…/foundation-in-science-uitm-…









    16. UIA Foundation Starter Pack / Bachelor of English Language






    EXTRA - A WARM WELCOMING TO THE NEXT STAGE…/a-warm-welcoming-to-next-st….
    Share... jgn tak share...

    ●Biasiswa lepasan SPM 2014●

    Bank Negara Malaysia
     Minimum SPM: 9A+
    Deadline: 10 March 2015

     Minimum SPM: 7A+ & 2A-
    Deadline: 16 March 2015

    Yayasan Khazanah
     Minimum SPM:
    8A ( A+ & A only)
    Deadline: 15 March 2015

    Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB)
     Minimum SPM:
    8A ( A+ & A only )
    Deadline: 17 March 2015

     Minimum SPM: 9A-
    Deadline: 10 March 2015

     Minimum SPM: 6A
    Deadline: 15 March 2015

     Minimum SPM: 9A+
    Deadline: 30 June 2015

    Forward to your little bro or sis if needed ya

    定要去Bursary网页 terima tawaran才生效,不然当放弃。
    考生还要选择读预科班,先修班或 A level,其中一种。学生还会获得每个月 RM430的零用钱,
    记得提醒学生要 terima tawaran毕业后Bursary的学生还可以获得奖学金读大学。这是

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    Wednesday, March 4, 2015

    Change of IGCSE Syllabus from 2015

    There are many changes to the syllabus for all subjects for year of 2015 onwards for International School Syllabus IGCSE. For those who are taking their examinations in 2016 please be very clear of which papers you are taking and which subtopics are added into the syllabus. Make sure your teacher and tutor are fully aware of the change of syllabus and there will be no surprises during the paper itself. 

    I will briefly explain the changes for Sciences which includes IGCSE Physics Chemistry Biology

    #1.  Format of Papers
    It will change to Paper 2 Paper 4 and Paper 6. Most of the students who are currently taking sciences IGCSE for now are in the advanced level (not core) are taking Paper 1 Paper 3 Paper 6 in Malaysia International Schools. What does all these means? CIE has decided to increase the difficulty of the papers whereby students will be taking Paper 2 and Paper 4 which has higher difficulty than Paper 1 and Paper 3. Paper 1 and Paper 3 IGCSE will be reserved for students taking core. 
    i upload this because some people commented below my information is inaccurate.
    please do research and some people really need to stop calling themselves experts.

    #2. Changes in Syllabus 
    I find the new IGCSE Syllabus 2015 is more complete and will prepare students better for their university and colleges. Please do make sure your tutors and teachers are using the latest syllabus to prepare you for the 2016 Examinations.

    1>For the complete IGCSE syllabus change pls go to CIE website, click here

    click on the pdf download on the right

    2>For complete IGCSE syllabus for each subject just Google for it. It will look something like this by the CIE official board.

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    Saturday, February 28, 2015

    Top 7 Problems Faced by International School Students

    #1 Probably no one could understand your accent

    Studying in International School indicates that you are going to mix with friends and teachers from different nations, and you are probably the only student from your country in the school. So speaking English with your country's accent is probably the most suffering thing you will ever do in International School when nobody actually understand you.

    Me: Can lah.

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    Saturday, February 14, 2015

    Learn Online FREE With Us Now


    Yes, learning is no longer a face-to-face explanation process with the availability of social media in today's world. Why do you always have to look for a tutor or teacher when you just need a quick revision only on some topics? Now, you can learn SPM topical tutorials and traveller's Chinese lesson with Mr Sai Mun's Youtube Channel.

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    Saturday, February 7, 2015

    Top 7 Things Children Should Be Taught During Chinese New Year

    #1 Understand Traditional Superstitions 

    Kids should know the traditional superstitions of Chinese New Year. Make sure your children dress up in red during “Chu Yi” (the first day of Chinese New Year) which indicates a bright and happy year ahead.  Also, allow your kids to “shou sui” which means stay awake during the night after the new year eve dinner. “Shou sui” is meant to let family members gather together during the time between the change of year.
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    Wednesday, January 28, 2015

    IGCSE Past Year Questions 2014 Oct/Nov Winter with Marking Schemes

    Updated 26 Mac 2015

    For IGCSE Past Year Questions 2014 May/June with marking schemes pls go to HERE.

    Please be informed that there will be changes in the structure of examination for the year 2016 and also changes in syllabus in some subjects for IGCSE Cambridge Examinations for 2016 onwards. So please download the latest syllabus for your respective examination year and sessions for accurate reference. 

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    Wednesday, January 14, 2015

    IGCSE May/June 2015 Exam Timetable for Malaysia

    updated on 20th Jan 2015, pls check back for more updates

    The Cambridge International Schools IGCSE May/June 2015 for Malaysia starts from 28th April 2015 to 12 June 2015, here's the timetable for IGCSE 2015 with the more popular subjects among Malaysian International IGCSE Schools students. 

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    Monday, January 12, 2015

    Form 6 STPM, is it worth it?

    Thinking to do FORM 6?

    Studying Form 6 is a tough process yet it is fun! Rushing to complete assignments and syllabus as well as taking part in extracurricular activities are daily routines. There are three semesters in Form 6 and students have to sit for STPM papers at the end of each semester. 

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    Monday, December 8, 2014

    Scholarships 101 of 2015

    SPM is finally over! It's now time to take down all the post-it's, recycle them notes and compile all your reference books into one huge bonfire (just kidding, don't do that).

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    Sunday, December 7, 2014

    IGCSE Grade Threshold : How to Score A*

    "What are the marks needed for me to score an A* in Mathematics?"
    "What are the percentages of scores for me to score an A in Biology?"

    These are the questions often being asked by IGCSE students when comes to setting respective goals for their exams.
    Here are the lists of latest IGCSE grade thresholds for all IGCSE students:

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