5 Tips to Reduce Stress

It is now coming to the end of semester: assignments are going to due, and exam is around the corner. And of course, the level of stress is increasing too! 

How to manage stress? How to destress yourselves? Here's some ideas for you! 

#1 Take a break

It's always good to take a five when you're really stressed up or exhausted. Go for a nap, or just have a rest. It will help to yourselves fresh and recharge yourselves. 

#2 Gaming

Go for a game as a reward for being hardworking for hours. DOTA 2, the hottest game for majority of the guys nowadays. Play for one or two rounds. Gaming is one of the best way to help you destress. Indeed, there's saying that said gaming can help to train your fingers' flexibility and at the meanwhile boosting your brain cells. ohhh, really? 

#3 Desserts

People love to have desserts to destress. It's a pretty cool idea indeed. Reward or treat yourselves with something real nice can aids to boost your mood and make your day greater. Indeed, chocolate can help you stay concentrate and energetic. Perhaps you can try to have some chocolates if you're stressed up and tired.

#4 Exercise

Jogging! Or maybe some sports which you're interested in. Go and sweat yourselves up. You will feel a lot more better after exercising and sweating. It helps to keep you fresh. Stress will leave your body along with those sweats too. Always go for exercising every weekend if possible, it helps. 

#5 Yumcha

Date few of your friends out to have a chill. Yumcha and chit chat with buddies for maybe an hour can help you to relax yourselves. Staying at home 24 hours facing the books won't make you score better in exam, it's all about how much u can study and absorb. Your brain need a break too. Just spend some times to chill yourselves. 

So how do guys destress yourselves? Any better idea to destress? 

Comment and share it with us :)


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  1. hahahah dota2! absolutely agree with that!