Mr Sai Mun in Astro Top Tutor TV SPM Physics

I have been teaching in front of class for many years and it really feels very different teaching in front of a camera trying to imagine someone is watching me on TV later. For many viewers, they may think the 5 minutes video might need only 30 minutes to produce, its not nearly true. It takes a lot people effort of different expertise to produce a single video. So enjoy!

For the full video can you watch here :)

Astro started with Tutor TV for younger children and it was a success, now they are back with Astro Top Tutor Physics for SPM students. The videos are short and concise packed with all the information you need for that sub-topic. Accurate Physics facts are displayed in colourful animated pictures which makes learning effective and modern.

There are other subjects too such as English, Bahasa Melayu, Chemistry, Add Math, Geography and others, all taught by experienced and professional teacher who are very passionate about their teaching.

To watch more of Astro Top Tutor, you can go to

1. Astro Channel 603 of Astro or
2. YouTube AstroTopTutorTV just click the link. :)

Snapshots of the episode

teaching them prefixes of physics

 special technique to remember the prefixes

 creative animation my the production company to help students remember

 must introduce a bit mahh... haha

For other subjects

My favourite is the English Teacher, Cikgu Malek ... I met him in the studio and he is a very passionate teacher, nice guy and when he speaks you really enjoy the 'English' flowing through you ear and mind.

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  1. HAHAHAH this is soooo cute !
    i prefer u teach in Mandarin and Cantonese leh. I MISS PHYSICS SO MUCH !
    the light of shooting is abit too strong for u ? why ur eyes are like uncomfortable ?