SPM Physics Answering Techniques

For students and teachers who are finding perfect answering techniques for SPM Physics, here are a few links which you might find it useful.

Thanks to the school teachers who are generous to share their experience in Physics in terms of marking papers and teaching. 

#1. How to answer SPM Paper 2 Structured Section A only 
Physics paper 2 is the most challenging paper of the 3 papers in SPM Physics, many students understand the theories and concept of physics but fail to answer in the correct way which is required by the examiner. This document gives simple examples of questions and also the correct answering techniques to handle each question. 

#2. How to answer SPM Paper 2 Essay Section B & C
Paper Section B and C carries 40 / 100 marks of the paper. Students have problem laying out the answer correctly to allow the examiner to award marks. 

SPM examiners like to pick on a few things when they mark Paper 3, this document point out clearly all the requirement to write perfect A+ answers in SPM Paper 3 : Experiment Questions

In every year the physics paper will allocate a few marks for definition of physics term and works. 1 mark for each. Memorise it before the paper.

#5. Physics Precautionary Steps
Paper 3 first and second question will ask precautionary steps which carry 1 or 2 marks. This teacher has narrow it down easily for her students to use. Very impressive.

Really appreciate the effort and their generosity to share
1. Cikgu Chow
2. Mr Yih Tang

Will really appreciate readers who have useful information or documents to share, please leave a comment below. All the best.


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  1. Hopefully all this tips will keep me going for my exam *finger crossed*.