Exam Tactics

Exam is coming soon, especially Form 5 students who are going to have war with trials SPM.

Feeling stress? Feeling nervous? 

Take a 5 minutes break and have a rest!

Here are some tactics that are normally practiced by students during exam, perhaps you may learn it up, or maybe you are already one of them? HAHA!

  • Mr/Ms Chill
Very chill and calm. Happy-go-lucky minded. Never get nervous. 

Score in exam: Feel very happy and satisfying.
Failed to score: Won't feel too depressed. Mood will back to normal very soon.

  • Mr/Ms Low Profile
Very quiet in class to the extent people almost forget about his/her existence in the class.

Score in exam: No one knows (Too low profile). Unless teacher reveals it.
Failed to score: No one knows as well. 

  • Mr/Ms High Profile
Always show off when there's chance. Attention seeker. Worry that people do not know how powerful and strong is him/her.

Score in exam: Everyone knows. The whole world knows. Update the news in facebook, twitter, instagram and etc.
Failed to score: No one knows. It's shameful. Suddenly disappear from the world.

  • Genius
Very playful in the class normally. Seldom pay attention. Play and fool around a lot.

Score in exam: GOD, Genius
Failed to score: Expected?

  • Lanci-style
Well-prepared and keep on lanci people that he/she's ready for the exam and is very confident to score high mark in the exam. Tend to scare others and trying to show off.

Score in exam: He/she is marked 'lanci'. 
Failed to score: People laugh their ass off and marked them as lanci, lanci in a failed way. SO, better make sure you have the qualification before you wanna lanci people.

  • The Kiasu
Very worry people score better than him/her. Always want to win. Tend to persuade people not to study and keep giving people 'compliments', eg "You so pro, no need to study one la. The paper sure wet wet water for you one". Indeed, this kiasu one insists to study very hard and very eager to score.

Score in exam: His/her mission is accomplished. Feel very proud of oneself.  
Failed to score: He/she will remember the person who score higher than him/her. And will revenge in the coming exam.

  • Actor
Tell everyone he/she doesn't study for exam, but indeed he/she study like mad and very eager to score. Tend to lower friend's awareness and fighting spirit. Try to overtake them.

Score in exam: Act like a pro. Claim him/her-selves never study much for exam yet still able to score high mark.
Failed to score: No study much for exam as excuses. But indeed he/she sad and disappointed to the max.

  • Faker
Keep on giving compliments to people. Keep claiming people are very good and pro. But deep in hearts, he/she thinks the other way round. Hypocritical. 

Score in exam: Laugh at people who get lower marks.
Failed to score: Keep quiet and jelly people who score higher marks.

  • Complain King/Queen
Talk a lot. Annoying student.

Score in exam: Exam questions very easy. He/she study well for the exam.
Failed to score: Complains! Questions very hard, out of syllabus. Teachers no teach. Textbook no mention. Never encounter this kind of question before. And bla bla bla....

  • Mr/Ms Optimist 
Always think positively, no matter in what situation. Mr/Ms positive. Believe that their positive attitude will bring them positive power (luck).

Score in exam: Feel relief and satisfied. Even it's just one mark higher than the previous exam also consider as improvement.
Failed to score: Never mind, they believe they can do it better next time. World does not end yet.

  • Mr/Ms Pessimist 
Always think negatively. Always believe that the paper gonna be very hard for them and they might fail the paper.

Score in exam: Scream and dance in the class. Feel so unbelievable. Celebrate like there's no tomorrow. 
Failed to score: Negative thoughts come into mind. Negativeness increases.

  • Mr/Ms Religion
Pray hard before exam instead of study hard. Spend a lot in buying fruits or etc for praying. Pray 24 hours. Pray before they sleep; pray before they enter exam hall; pray before the examiner says 'you may start now'; pray after examiner collected their papers; pray every day until they receive the results.

Score in exam: Thanks God for scoring.  
Failed to score: Gonna pray harder next time, maybe?

So yea, is the situation sounds familiar to you? Have you encounter any of these tactics before? HAHA!

Anything that I missed out and you wish to share with us?

Just comment and share your experience here

Anyway, good luck and all the best in your exam! 


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  1. khing yuan, this post is so funny. i use to be one of the ones you listed out... keep up the good work!

  2. Every student represents more than one type, depends on the importance of the exam and the life stage he/she is in.