'Patterns' During Exam

'Exam' has became a stressful word to many of us. But then, there's always somethings interesting happen during the exam. Have you guys ever notice it? :)

  • Machine-Gun-Liked-Hand
There's always student who can write very fast. They just keep on writing, writing, and writing. Writing speed is crazily fast, like machine gun keeps shooting the bullets. If you sit nearby this kind of student, I believe their machine-gun-liked-hand will scare you off and give you pressure, makes you even more panic in the exam.

  • Firefighters
During exam of every subject, you'll find some particular students keep on asking permission to go toilet. Yea, they will visit toilet at least once, for all the exams. Maybe the toilet will burn out if they do not visit the toilet? HAHA!   

  • Dreamer
They spend more time dreaming instead of answering the paper. They will stare at the window, stare at the ceiling, stare at fans, stare at the whiteboard, or even stare at the teacher, like staring at their lover. They will dream on and off. Dream, answer the paper, dream, answer the paper, and this routine goes on until the exam is ended. They dream of of everything, they dream that they score flying color in the paper, people giving them compliments, become the star in school and bla bla bla...

  • Team Play
Maybe there's students who practice team play during the exam? They help each other in the exam. You will find few of the particular students keep on doing some weird actions. For example scratching hairs, playing with ears, digging one nostril, digging two nostrils, exposing the tongue, hitting the table with pencil, and many more. They called these as 'signs'. Each of the action has its own meaning, which only the team members will understand it. They called it 'teamwork', but teacher called it 'cheating'. An excellent team play will lead them to success, but a failed team play will bring them to office. HAHA!

  • Kwangsoo Style (Giraffe) 
They are so Kwangsoo style. They tend to lengthen their neck, to look around. Head is high up, rotate from left to right slowly, and rotate back from right to left. They might stop their head for a moment too, with their eyes opened fully wide and extremely big. Maybe they are just excising their necks, don't misunderstood them. MAYBE? 

  • Receptors-ful Homosapiens
They have outnumbered of receptors. They are very sensitive. They always suspicious that someone is trying to look at their answers. They build a wall (using books or water bottle), in order to cover their answer paper from the eyesight of other students. 

  • Sleeping Beauty
They love to sleep. They tend to spend more time in sleeping instead of answering the paper. They sleep first, in order to charge energy, then only wake up an hour before the exam ends to answer the paper. Or, they tend to finish the paper very quickly, and straight lying on the table to sleep. 
p/s Teacher sleeps as well, maybe? 

  • Steadyyy
They are clam and steady. They are not affected by the incidents happening around them. They smile before the exam, they smile when looking at the paper, they smile while answering the paper, and they smile when they hand in the paper. They just smile. They are simply just calm and steady.

So, do you fall in any category of the above? Or is any of the category mentioned above sounds familiar for you?

Comment and Share us your experience! :)


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  1. HAHAHAHA! This is so funny!

  2. The team play is better than covering your paper during the exam. It’s an exam, not a contest, for God’s sake!

  3. yea, very true. it's an exam, not a contest. we shall work and help each other in exam. haha!

  4. all the categories seems to be very familiar for my character during examsss ... HAHAHA!!!! Especially the DREAMER category is my most favorite.Because I will do this if i dont know the answer!!! ...