Internship in Malaysia @ Pangkor Laut Resort [PART 1]

HELLO to the blog's readers. I'm San and i am currently pursuing my degree on Hospitality and Tourism Management in KDU. 
i have just completed my internship half year ago in Pangkor Laut Resort(PLR) and now i would like to share my opinions and experiences with you all. ^^

Pangkor Laut Resort is located in the state of Perak. in order to get there, you have three options: by land, by sea and by air. No matter which type of transportation you choose, you will have to check-in at Marina Bay in Lumut, Perak. After checking- in, you will need to take the speed boats to Pangkor Laut Resort.  :)

from Google ><

The reason why i chose Pangkor Laut Resort to do my internship is because i was impressed by the introduction of Pangkor Laut Resort by the speaker on career day which was conducted in my college. PLR had actually won a lot of awards and it was the Best Spa Resort in 2012. A short and informal interview with the Human Resources (HR)'s staff after i submitted my resume. I got a call from PLR's HR team after a few days. I have been told that i was accepted to have my internship in PLR. :DDDD

* A  reminder for people that are interested visiting PLR: DO NOT WEAR HIGH HEELS!!! *
I was briefed by HR's team through phone call before i get there. They ask me to bring ONLY flat shoes or maximum of 1-inch of high heels for training purposes. this is because PLR is an island with a lot of hills and slopes. But they do provides slipper if you really want to wear high heels :DD

So, i reported myself to HR's team, my friends and i got a very warm welcome by HR's team at the jetty. We were led by them to get familiar to the island and last stop was our staff quarters. * Don't expect too much while you are working in the industry, especially when you are a TRAINEE.* The staff quarter is very small and it is not air-conditioned, there are only two double-deckers,two small tables and two cupboards with two compartments. ><'''

Enough about my room. let's talk about my work !

the first department that i was assigned to was Food & Beverages department. 
first restaurant that i worked in was Royal Bay Beach Club (RBBC). It provides lunch, tapas hour and happy hour. The scenery there are awesome !  During that time, i was not able to answer guest's questions correctly. Luckily the staffs there are very friendly and willing to teach me.HEHE

my look before internship
*ignore my dark circle*

the view from RBBC :)
the infinity pool

the infinity pool beside RBBC.  awesome right ?!
* you can actually compare the first picture in this article which taken from Google.*
it is truly super nice scenery at RBBC

the Filipino strollers performing during tapas hour and happy hour 10pm-12am.
*they can even sing some of the Chinese Songs*

While working in RBBC, i also had the chance to serve in Sunset Cruise.It costs RM200 nett per person and you are entitled to canape and free flow of beverages such as soft drink, house wine and beer. Sunset Cruise starts at 6.30pm to 7.30pm. 

 two pairs of couple ! they are so cute and sweet !! <3

the view from Sunset Cruise ~ <3

look !!! it is so relaxing and calm ~ 
*what a relief from stress work~~~*

he was my partner of that day - Arifin. 
He was helping a honeymoon couple to take picture. :)

the wife was recording the husband. 
Recording video is a better way to preserve our memories than taking pictures.

SUNSET !!! *ending soon @ 7.00pm*

after the sunset cruise, i felt that i was so lucky to serve on the cruice. i wasn't exactly serving/ working on that day, more like enjoying and having fun with the guests and staffs.
*Besides that, i also don't have to pay for the cruise* :PPPPPP

Although the work is hard, I do enjoy the sunset at the end of the day !
That's all for now, will share more information in PART 2 ! 

Stay tune for the my next post in mrsaimun blog

Bye :) 

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  1. interesting experience...can't wait to read the next part...

  2. I bet it will be an unforgettable experience ^^~
    want to experience working on the sunset cruise too >< it's like having holiday and relaxing time, and at the same time working too.

  3. do you call that internship? it seems to be holidays more!

  4. great experience..hope i was u to enjoy such beautiful experience d internship...can't wait to read the second part...^^

  5. wow~~~...such a gorgeous internship experience..can't wait to read the second part of ur beautiful internship experience...^^