Internship in Malaysia @ Pangkor Laut Resort [PART 2]

HELLO to all the readers ! I am San from KDU University College.
here comes the PART 2 about my Internship @ Pangkor Laut Resort, Perak, Malaysia.

this is the jetty of PLR.
the size of the island is 300 acres and 20% of it is resort while 80% is still jungle/ rain forest.
therefore you can see some wild lives in PLR. such as monkeys, monitor lizards, hornbills and.....

PEACOCK, the only peacock in PLR i think ?! 
you can see peahens easily but not peacock :)
you can feed them with peanuts or breads 
(you can get peanuts / breads from service staff)

you can see SNAKE as well !
it was very hard for me to pretend that i was not afraid of snakes infront of the guests when i see one !
but bear in mind, snakes in PLR do not attack people and they are not harmful !

HORNBILLS are naughty too! they will steal your food ! 

do not feed them in short distance !!!
always feed those wild lives at far !!!
except....... MONKEY 

MONKEYS are not friendly at all ! they will go into your villa and be the *housekeeping*.
they are naughty and they will attack ladies and children ! 
the monkeys are very intelligent, they will not attack male but female !

In PLR, the places that provide Wireless Internet Service are the reception and library which located behind reception. besidest that, you can rent a YES hundle at the reception which will cost you RM50.00 per day.

if i am not mistaken, in PLR, DIGI users hardly get mobile service while MAXIS and CELCOM can.
i was DIGI user, when i first reached PLR for internship, my handphone cant get any services. thus, i changed my phone number from DIGI to MAXIS.


There are 7 restaurants on the island. In PART 1, i shared the experiences training in Royal Bay Beach Club and Sunset Cruise with you all.
And now, i would like to share my other training experiences in Feast Village.
After the training at RBBC, i have been transferred to Feast Village as the second outlets for my training.
Feast Village is located just next to reception. it is the largest restaurant in PLR as it can accommodate around 150 persons.
Feast Village is the only restaurant that provides BREAKFAST ( during peak seasons eg. Christmas / New Year, there will be two restaurants available for breakfast).
It costs RM80++ per person for breakfast, but normally breakfasts are included in most of the packages in PLR unless you just pay for the villa only.
Breakfast time starts from 7.30am to 10.30am. They serve International Buffet with 4 main kitchens such as Chinese, Malay, Indian and Japanese.

Seats with awesome scenery of PLR for two persons.
breakfast with beautiful scenery as the good begin of the day !

you will notice Feast Village is separated into two sections.
you can differentiate it with the colour of the seats; green and red.
Green is Non- Smoking area.

and Red is Smoking area.

another part of Feast Village which is near to coffee counter
and it provides you the garden view.
Coffee Counter
you can order any type of coffee / tea form the service staff
and they will send it to your table. :)
*Personally i like to have Hot Chocolate in the morning*
It gives me energy to start my day !

Feast Village also provides DINNER.Dinner time starts at 7.00pm to 10.30pm.
They serve either ala- carte Malay Cuisine or International Buffet Dinner ( we called it Action Station)
You must double confirm with the receptionist / dining concierge what type of dinner that serves in Feast Village before you make your dinner reservation.

  ME in my uniform in Feast Village during dinner time

ala-carte Malay Cuisine is something we can get easily in Malaysia, so for Malaysians, i don't recommend you to have this Malay Cuisine as dinner in PLR.

I prefer Action Station because i can eat a lot !!! * WAHAHAHAHHA*
it costs RM185.00 ++ per person. * EXPENSIVE BUT WORTH IT*

let the pictures do the talking...

Western station which serves pastas and western food ! 

Chinese station ! 
the roasted chicken is awesome ! sometime you can get roasted duck if you are lucky! 
it is fantastic !!!  

salad bar - cold kitchen

soup and bread station 

salad station !!! 
you can make your own salad !!!
* YUMMY ~~~ *

besides that, there are BBQ station, dessert station, fruit station, teppanyaki station etc...
BUT..... NOT DRINK AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE... because it only includes mineral water, tea and coffee. The other drinks such as wines, fruit juices, smoothies etc....... ALL CHARGEABLE

picture of myself with the stewards of Feast Village.
they are funny and kind stewards !
they will keep food for me when they know that i am hungry. 

Yen and i 
*he already resigned to continue his studies*
a very helpful guy who always helps me whenever i am blur / confuse .hehe 

Dwi and i 
an Indonesian who is very good in making beverages ! 
he is a bartender in Feast Village. 

the captain Chotu and i
he was the captain of Feast Village ( i am uncertain about now )
a very hardworking and caring guy ! 
thank you for his help during my training in Feast Village

here comes to the end of PART 2 of my Internship @ Pangkor Laut Resort.


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  1. facinating story =D thanks for sharing..this is an eye opener for people that does not know the industry well..good job!!

  2. great part 2...agree with above...really tell the others who do not know the industry a culinary arts student..i also roughly know how the industry looks like BUT with great passion and a lot of hardworking...sure we can success in the future...lets fight together for our future!!