Bored in Class What To Do : 10 Best Ideas for You in College

HELLO TO ALL THE READERS ! Je m'appelle San ( my name is San in French ).

As the tittle shown, I would like to share 10 things students normally will do when they are bored in class ! 
My sample for this title is MY CLASSMATES IN KDU ! HEHEHE
So you will be seeing a lot of my classmates's pictures ! 

pictures of my classmates when they started to get bored in class !

#take 1

#take 2


I believe all of us have the experiences of getting bored in class. so do I !

what will you do when you get bored in class ???

For me, I will camwhore, play games and facebook !

I know it is disrespectful to all the lecturers when students are doing other things in class.

BUT... somehow whatever lecturer teaching, really cannot enter the 'hard disc' in our brain 


Sometimes students just can't focus in class because of their bad moods. 

*I am one of them*

HEHEHEHHEHE *sorry to all my lecturers in advanced*

SO, what are the 10 things students will do when they are BORED in class ?

Based on my observation on my classmates, i found out majority of them (including myself) will ................


We love games !!!
Those are the games that are very popular recently, we have Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Minion Rush, and the latest game is.... PLANTS vs ZOMBIES 2 !!! *even myself also playing PvZ 2, it is so awesome !!! Those plants are so cute !!! <3 *

Playing games is the best thing to do when we are bored in class ! 
but remember to turn on your SILENT MODE !
for me, I feel satisfied when I play games in class even though I did not pay attention to the lecture because at least I fully utilized my time! :p I even spent the time to pass another level in da game! 


Who doesn’t have a facebook account nowadays. This is the major platform that connects people in the 'online world', yet sadly to say that it disconnects people in real life. So, it’s not surprising to see “facebook zombies” in class who tend to refresh facebook every 20 miliseconds. They just can't stop themselves from viewing facebook. Perhaps they do not wish to miss out any new updates in facebook.

when we are bored in class, we love to....
update status, tweet, follow, like, share, upload new pictures etc !
besides that, we watch videos, we stalk people and bla bla bla.. 
There are uncountable news in social media, therefore, people will never get bored on them ! 

(3) HIBERNATE *ZZZZzzzzzzzz ~~~*

Students just like to sleep in class, especially night owls who sleep very late at night, their favorite activity in class is SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP

my classmates and I were sleeping in class during Diploma time !
* I am at the center HAHAHAHA*

To be honest, we don't want to sleep in class, it shows no respect to the lecturers, 
BUT, our eyes will automatically close when the class is boring ! 
lecturer's angel voice is a lullaby that make us sleep like nobody business in the class ! 

look ! someone is sleeping !!!

in my class, we like to take picture with the sleeping beauty ~
so, this is what we did to the sleeping one :p
they are my classmates :D
sleeping beauty is Ivan, and the posing guy is Sandeep ! ^^

[ how about you? ]
[what you normally do to your sleeping classmates ?]


well, not all classes are boring ! some of the classes are interesting too ! 
we all know that an adult’s attention span cannot last more than 15 minutes, therefore, students will still daydream in class even though the class is interesting ! 

* approach, copied message, standby. *
* Skylette 223, ready to take off*
* i have controlled, AP1*
* You have controlled* 

 those are scripts from a very famous HongKong drama- Triumph in Skies II/ 冲上云霄2
this drama has actually gave me a feeling of becoming a pilot ! 
* i believe i am not the only one*

[how about you ? what you usually daydream of ?]


There is always at least one radiohead in your class with their iPods and earphones and they always shake their head according to the rhythms. 

some of them only have one earphone, and the other ear is listening to what lecturer says.
I wonder if this way of paying attention works ? because i never try it before ><

my classmate - Arul with one-side-earphone.
*he is an awesome photographer*


ahhhh! me likey camwhoring ! especially girls, not only self- capture, we even like to take pictures with the classmates who sit beside/ behind/ infront of us !

*self- capture*

my classmate- Leng and i were camwhoring even the lecturer was looking at us ! 

we take picture, we edit it, we post it ! 
thats what we do ! :DDD


i am not sure about other colleges, but in KDU, they do provide free newspapers. thus, we can see students reading newspaper in the class when they are bored with whatever lecturer teaching ! 

they are gaining knowledge as well , they are just not gaining academic knowledge !  

reading newspaper like a BOSS ! :P

the tallest guy in my class - Sandeep ! 


Forget about “Gossip Girls”, you can watch real time dramas and gossips, the classroom is filled with it. Classroom rumours spread faster than social media ! 

in order to not create noises, we learned to gossip via paper messages ( i learnt this since primary school :p ).
passing paper message is very effective and we don't have to be afraid that other people seeing it (just don't get caught passing it around!)

Arul (grey shirt)- EH BRO! i show u something ! I saw this chick in club yesterday, super hot right ???
i think you will like her, give you her number want ?
Ivan (yellow shirt)-  O.O !!! WALAO macha ! this is seriously hot ! how you know i will like this type of chicks?

Arul- *evil smile* OF COURSE la bro !!! i know you so well ~
Ivan- OK DEAL ! gimme her phone number, if she reply me, i owe you a drink ! 

p/s: this scene was acted on entertainment purposes only. No hot chicks were involved in this act.


FOOD can keep us awake ! 
eating while lecturers are teaching is like watching a movie in cinema / in your house.
so it won't be too boring ! 
having candies or chocolates, can make someone hyper. when you are hyper, you will tend to kacau ( disturb) other classmates and therefore, you can keep yourself awake in class :)

my friend- Kent were having tea time in boring class ! 
the nasi lemak's smell had actually made me hungry * slurp*


student has all the time in the world to do anything they want but when it comes to boring class time, they turn into the world’s most busiest man alive. Phone calls, messages and other pathetic reasons, just as long as they get a chance to get out of the classroom and possibly never coming back. * THEY WILL ONLY APPEAR IN CLASS WHEN LECTURER IS TAKING ATTENDANCE*


So, do you fall into any of the category mentioned above? Or is any of the category mentioned sounds familiar to you? Or you have somethings even more interesting to do in class?

COMMENT & SHARE your experiences with us ! :)

p/s: you can stand a chance to win movie tickets for two if you comment with your login account :)


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  1. hahaha...never though that you can do so many things in class..good blog! keep up the good work =D

  2. True story!!as much as its important to listen to lecturer, but sometimes it happens unless you are an ALIEN!PEACE =p

  3. Great blog..Must do one of these in each of every like a daily process in our uni life ad..some class are just so 'interesting' sometimes until we can't tahap to pull out our gadget to make it more the way. Suggest u another game..FUN RUN..a multiplayer game..great game to ply. Can't wait to read ur next blog...:)

  4. Wouldn't expect a teacher's blog to motivate students to do anything but focus in class, let alone motivate students to break school rules. 4 out of 10 includes using the phone which public schools are not allowed to, and I'm sure sri kdu has a no phones during class rule as well.

  5. haha... San is writing about her College Experience. Please read thoroughly next time. cheerio

  6. Beside study, sometime we also need some relax time in college, nice sharing :) HaHa

  7. i could not agree more....sleep,gossip listen to of a student for sure.

  8. It is not possible to do study all time; there are also many things to do when you are bored at home class or work. You are providing good information about which things that we can do when we are bored.