Biotechnology : Treasures in Genetic Laboratory

Have you ever been to a laboratory? 
In fact, laboratory in high school is very different with the laboratory in university. Undeniable, there are more advanced instruments in university laboratory. 
Here are some of the instruments you may see in the genetic laboratory.

Pipette. It is used to transfer a specific volume of liquid, typically in microlitre. 

Pipette tips.

Gel electrophoresis. It is used to separate DNA fragments according to their sizes.

Heating chamber. To heat your samples at specific temperature.

Heating chamber.

Shaking chamber. It helps to shake your samples or solutions.

Analytical balance. Weight measurement to a high degree of accuracy, up to 4 decimal places.  

Mini centrifuge machine. Spin eppy tube in high speed to separate parts of a colloid.

Interior of the mini centrifuge machine. 

A more advanced centrifuge machine. Spins centrifuge tubes.

Interior of the centrifuge machine.

Microscopes. Help you to observe things that cannot be seen by naked eyes.

Eppy tube. Keep your sample in low quantity.

Instruments that are waiting to be washed up.

Deionized water.

Basin with a soap for you to wash your hands. Prevent you from bringing bacteria back home with you! 

Last but not least, you need to wear a lab coat, which makes you look smarter! teehee :D

So yea, these are just parts of the instruments.
If you're going to major in science after high school, they will be your close friends that you're going to meet every week.

Those instruments seem to be very cool right?
You will have the chance to play with them one day. YEA! 

They look smart in lab coat, isn't it? :D

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  1. Wow! Great instruments! It looks professional.

  2. These pictures are amazing! I found some more on this website: