Exam Tips Chemistry Form 4 Final Examination Tips

Many Students in Form 4 have not master the skills to handle the subject Chemistry (Kimia). It is a subject which requires 70% memorizing skills and another 30% understanding of the theories. Thus the best way to memorized all the chemical reactions, chemical equations, facts and many more is rewrite and rewrite until it stays in your brain.

Here are the topics to focus on for your Form 4 Chemistry Final Exams. It is for all schools as Form 4 they are only 9 topics, and most of the teachers will not have the time to finish the last topic and more. So the questions that they can ask are very limited. Below are the popular questions which teachers like to test students on. Good Luck!

Paper 2
Section A
Q1. Periodic Table, Transition Elements, Group 18 Elements and Usage
Q2. Ionic and Covalent Bond, Diagrams, Giant Molecular Molecules
Q3. Electrolysis with factor type of electrodes, Extraction of Aluminium Oxide
Q4. pH with Acid and Alkali, Definition of Strong Acid
Q5. Neutralisation and Calculation, NaOH + H2SO4, 
Q6. Empirical Formula MgO / CuO

Section B & C
Q1. Ionic and Covalent Bond Essay with Diagrams
Q2. Reactivity and Chemical Properties of Group 1 and Group 17
Q3. Electrochemistry with Purification, Electroplating and Voltaic Cell
Q4. Preparation of Soluble Salt CuSO4, Test Pb2+, Zn2+ ions and NO3-, Cl- ions

Paper 3
Q1. Burrette Reading, Neutralisation OR Thermometer reading with Melting Point
Q2. Popular Experiments:
a. Determine pH and Concentration of Acid
b. Electrolysis Factor Type of Electrodes
c. Reactivity of Group 17 or Group 1


The tips above can be a good guidance but to be an A+ student you need to study everything. For chemistry, the more you memorize and remember the higher is your score! 

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  1. I think it is helpful in learning chemistry to spend a lot of time in a laboratory. You memorize the substances and formulas more quickly observing than reading about them.