Mid Year Exam Physics Form 4 Tips

Form 4 Physics Mid Year Exams questions are limited to only 2 or more chapters. Therefore the scope they can cover is also very small. Here are a few spotted questions you might want to go through for your 'last minute' preparation.

Best Method to prepare for your Mid Year Exam Form 4 is pick related questions from
1. SPM Past Year Book,  and also 

2. SBP or MRSM Past Year Book

Paper 2 (100 marks)
Structured Questions - Section A
Q1. Measuring Instruments like Vernier Calipers, Micrometer Screw Gauge, Thermometer
Q2. The 5 Base Quantities and determine units of a Derived Quantity
Q3. Velocity & Time Graph, Calculate acceleration and distance 
Q4. Draw triangle of forces and calculate resolution of forces. 
Q5. Define momentum, and compare the total momentum before and after collision, calculate
Q6. Impulsive Force, calculate and explain difference between short time and long time
Q7. Spring, elastic limit, Hooke's law, calculate elastic potential energy. 
Q8. Conservation of Energy, Explain and calculate using formula
Essay Question - Section B
Choose One
Q9.Modifications of Car/ Motorbike Safety and Stability
Q10 Modifications of Rockets to fly higher and further
Essay Question - Section C
Choose One
Q11 Select the most suitable Sport Attire/ Sport Set Up
Q12 Select the most suitable FlagPole (SPM 2012)

You can also do an intensive revision through our YouTube Channel below

Best of Luck


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