Mid Year Exam 2008 - Tips

It's Exam Season again...

To Form 4 Students: This will be your 1st serious exam, the exam questions are very predictable. It questions might be new to you but the questions to test your understanding has been there since the the subject existed...

Paper 1:
Objective 50 Questions
Paper 2:
Section A, Structured Questions
Q1. 5 base quantities & other derived quantities
Q2. Ammeter/ Micrometer Screw Gauge
Q3. Graph + Pendulum/Spring Experiment
Q4. Velocity time graph, distance, and area under the graph.
Q5. Ticker Tape Chart.
Q6. Momentum & Inertia
Q7. Kinematics Calculation using all the formulas
Q8. Impulsive Force.
Section B/C
Q1. Inertia & Car safety
Q2. Modification i.e sports car, drop package, space shuttle design
Q3. Compare accuracy and consistency + thermometer sensitivity
Q4. Given a table and choose the most suitable.

Paper 3
Q1. Ticker tape /Stopwatch reading, draw a graph
Q2. Given a graph, calculate the gradient and find values
Q3. Rewrite experiment: Inertia balance, Velocity & height, ticker timer.

FORM 4 Chemistry
Paper 1:
Objective 50 Questions: Focus on Calculations
Paper 2:

Section A: Structured Questions
Q1. Atomic Structure, protons, neutrons, electrons
Q2. Periodic Table, Group 1, Group 17
Q3. 6 elements arranged in a table, electron configuration
Q4. Empirical Formula, Precautionary steps
Q5. Chemical Calculations with Chemical Equations
Q6. Transition Elements, Period and Isotopes
Section B/C: Essay Questions
Q1. Empirical Formula and Experiment
Q2. Chemical Calculations and definitions from chapter 3
Q4. Periodic Table, Group 1, atomic size, reactivity, electronegativity
Q4. Atomic structure, isotopes
Paper 3
Q1. Take reading and draw graph, m/p and b/p
Q2. Reactivity of Group 1 or Group 17, observation, chemical equations
Q3. Group 1 + Cold Water/ Napthalene/ Solubility of chemical substances

next post will be for form 5 state paper .... =)

To score an A1, you still need to work harder and smarter, the tips can only be a used to re-align your focus on the topics that you might have missed out.
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