Mr Sai Mun Notes Version 4.0 for 2012

Finally Version 4.0 is out. Thanks for the support of teachers, students and parents, we have received many request for the notes in the month of December 2011, but we told them we are upgrading notes and they will have to wait until the 15th January 2012. After many many hours of hard work and determination we have completed the latest version of notes.

We took the previous versions, collected notes from 5 A+ students, compared each page for the latest and the one with the best hand writing and layout. We believe the notes will only benefit the students if only:
It is the latest and typed and organised by Mr Sai Mun himself
2. Answers written by A+ students who pay careful attention in class

Thanks to the generous school teachers who are willing to share the State Papers and latest marking scheme we are able to update our students constantly. Thank you so much teachers.

 Chemistry & Physics Form 4 and 5
stated version 4.0

 latest version of answers written by A+ student in Mr Sai Mun's class
looks like a girl's writing to me :)

 chemistry Form 4 & Form 5 Notes
receives the highest number of request

 notes complete with answers
 upgrading Physics Form 4 & Form 5 notes
with clearer printing and writing

questions and written answers with tips at the side

for those who wanted more info can sms to 016 - 222 4865 or
you can e-mail to

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  1. Well done on your newly-updated notes. I am thinking of getting your notes as I will face SPM this year.

  2. How do I order? and what subjects are there?

  3. Where can i get your notes??

  4. Where can i get your notes??

  5. We get appreciate feedbacks from people who purchase our notes, thank you very much. Many told us the notes are 'God Like', some said 'useful' and some said 'some pages are unclear'. We would like to explain the 'unclear part' :)

    1. You buy the notes not because of weather the words are clear or not but mainly the content in it. Takes years and years to typed, compiled and upgrade.
    2. If you prefer nicely printed book with colours inside and all you can go to any bookshop and pick up a copy with a fraction of price.
    3. When you use the notes to prepare for exam, you will realise the flow of information is very smooth, making it very very easy to understand and absorb

    We will further upgrade our notes when version 5.0 is out. Thank you for those who scored A+ using the notes and drop me a 'Thank You' note.

    mr sai mun

  6. Dear Mr Sai Mun,

    How much for your notes? And besides chemistry, what other subjects do you cover?

    Thanks for answering my questions.

  7. Hi, you can send us an email request to and we will reply with all the details.

    Currently only Chem n Physics

  8. Hi,Mr.Saimun, my friend is interested to buy Chemistry for 2013. Is it ready for sale now? Thanks

  9. I found that your notes are very great and useful. Keep on! By the way, do you have any notes for STPM level?