Mr Sai Mun Chemistry Form 5 Notes

Finally it is out. There are many who ordered the Chemistry Form 4 Notes and there are even more who requested the Form 5 Chemistry notes. Here it is, all compiled and spiral bind.

We never fail to have a colour cover with Mr Sai Mun name on it :)

Part of this notes were used by Jia Mei from SMKB now on the way to become a doctor with JPA Scholarship and part of it is courtesy of Rachel from Sri KDU.

with the latest version of 2010 notes

it is price at RM 26.00,
if you are interested please e-mail to

all the best in your SPM 2010 in exactly 89 days. ganbateh!!!


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  1. please email the price and how i can buy at

    1. an email with details about the SPM A+ Notes will be sent to you in a moment :)

  2. can send me the detail also at