its all worth it now

Many i know likes teaching and they want to be a good teacher and delivered good lessons. I have met many teachers who are so devoted, their weakest students are very motivated to study and score and finally have improve so significantly that their results has exceed anyone expectations.

On my end, i love teaching and i never thought of it as work but something i like to do. Imagine you are doing something that you like everyday and hour, you will not find it difficult. As i teach, my skills are refined continuously, giving almost perfect lessons and producing high quality notes.

Now, i have decided to reach more students in Malaysia, therefore sending notes around Malaysia and bringing up a team of capable teachers to serve the students of Klang Valley.

thank you e-mail from Sarawak

Receiving orders for notes from the whole Malaysia is just amazing,
but receiving a 'thank you e-mail' & 'liking it sooo much!'
really makes me want to push so much farther to reach more people

PTI Sri Sinar Form 4 Physics & Chemi 2012

my classes are packed with students
mostly determined to score the highest marks possible in my subjects
therefore we have to ensure my lessons are always up to the highest standard
but still a fun atmosphere in class

'Life as a Teacher is Simply Amazing, if you Like Teaching'

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