Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Chemistry Form 4 Notes

 * Latest Post about the A+ notes (22/6/2012) , pls go to: Mr Sai Mun A+ Notes 2012

After receiving many requests for mr sai mun notes from Ipoh, Johor, Penang and current form 5 students, he has finally compiled and finalised it. This set of notes has been used by many of his previous A+ students and requires uncountable hours to prepare.

Mr Sai Mun has simplified and highlighted all the important key phrases. Attached with the notes are also past SPM questions according to each chapter and also other popular questions and answers.
professional designed and coloured cover page with ring bind

interesting coloured separators ; )

complete notes with relevant diagrams

important formulas

If you want a copy just SMS to 016-222 3598 or e-mail to mrsaimun@hotmail.com. Its only RM 36.20 excluding shipping cost.



  1. hi, im interested with your note...how can i get it!

  2. Do you have notes for chemistry form 5 or SPM( form 4 + form 5)?

  3. I need one copy. I wonder where can I buy it? please reply.


  4. hi I want your book? can I get it?

  5. do you sell that book? can i buy one?

  6. hi I want your book? can I get it?

  7. Sure, just send an e-mail to mrsaimun@hotmail.com requesting to order notes, and we will reply you with all the details :)

  8. is this notes highlights important questions for exam? cause i only like to study important experiment only

    1. it does include popular questions and experiments

  9. i would like to buy the physic form 4 and form 5 notes from you . Please tell me how to procede to payment :)

  10. Hi Allan, can u pls drop your email here? Thanks

  11. i would like to buy the physics form 4 & 5, chemistry f4&5 and paper 3 guidelines for both. How do i proceed ?

  12. Mr.Sai Mun i want to buy your Chemistry, Fizik form 4 and 5 for my Daughter. If you have the questions and answer, please provide too. Please advice the price and the payment to pay/Bank in. My email: coalsagoffsr@gmail.com

  13. pls drop an short email to mrsaimun@hotmail.com and we will reply asap :). TQ


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