Curriculum & Co-Curriculum: Which one more important?

Have this question ever come across your mind? Curriculum and co-curriculum, which one is more important? 

Nowadays, majority of the students do not involve themselves in co-curriculum with the reason of they want to fully concentrate in their studies. However, is this really a smart and beneficial decision?

I personally feel that both are equally important.

But, WHY?

#1 Communication skill
When you get to join a club or a team, you will have the chance to know and work with people from different classes, ages, races and background. This can help to develop and improve your communication skill which is utterly important when you stepped into the society. If you do not have a good communication skill, you might face a lot of difficulties and problems in mixing with people, which will eventually affect your job performance.

#2 Teamwork
Start learning how to work with people in dealing a task. A person can hardly done a task alone. Teamwork is always needed when it comes into working. 

#3 Leadership
Take the chance to build your leadership. It's a severe problem if you are a boss, and you do not know how to lead your workers. In school, you will get the chance to become committee and be the head of your juniors. This can actually train you to talk in front of the public, to give orders to members, and to lead them in doing work. All these qualities are very important when you have started working. If you do not have leadership or do not even know how to lead, do you think you can lead your workers to the road of success?  

#4 Independent 
You will get the chance to organize an event/activity, to deal with problem, to make decision, and to lead a bunch of people. When you get into college/university or society, you will need to face every problem and solve it yourselves. So, it's better to start learning independent during high school. 

Of course, above are just the major benefits you can get by joining co-curriculum, there are still many benefits and lessons. 

You may be very excellent in your academic, but does it means you will have a better future as well? 

Nope, I don't think so. It's fact that there are many smart students failed to get a job, or can't even get a high paid job. Why? 

When it comes into society, it's all about your work performance, how well you can work with your team members, your communication skills, your problem-solving ability, your creativity, and opportunity.

So do you think a employer will hire a worker who lacks the qualities mentioned above?
Or if you are the employer, will you wish to have such employee?

Indeed, excellence in co-curriculum always help to boost your chance of getting a scholarship. When everyone is having the same good result, what makes u different and stand out from the crowd will be your non-academic achievement. 

Will co-curriculum affects your curriculum?

This is the main issue that bothers students' mind nowadays. However, this is dependent on the students themselves. You need to learn how to balance both of them. Frankly speaking, curriculum and co-curriculum can coexist. You need to know when to focus more on studies, and when to give priority to your club and society. 

There are many students who can excel in both curriculum and co-curriculum. They can do so, why not you? 

In my opinion, co-curriculum should not be abandoned due to curriculum. Students should be active and start involving in co-curriculum. 

"A piece of paper with good results but have no skills equipped will not bring you far."
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  1. I agree with you. The co-curriculum is very important for the future of a student. You may be a very smart well prepared man or woman, but you live into the society and you truly learn to adjust only by frequenting groups.