Your Degree Is the Ultimate Key to Success

By time the time kids walk out of high school for the final time, many are burnt out on school and decide to take a hiatus from education before entering the ranks of the working world. Those kids usually do a little bit of traveling or settle into menial jobs that will give them a few extra bucks in their pocket. You can understand why they do it, but taking that time off often results in them never heading back to school to advance their education. It’s a mistake that most don’t realize until they find themselves stuck in a dead end job with nowhere to go but the level they are currently on.

Degree Open Doors 
The importance of a good education simply cannot be overstated, especially when it comes time to set foot on your chosen career path. A college degree will open doors along the way that will absolutely remain locked without one. Not only is a degree the key to career advancement, it also gets your foot in the door with many companies right from the start. For example, imagine that there are 5 candidates all looking to work for the same company. If you are the only one in that group bringing a college degree to the table, your chances of landing that spot will increase greatly.

More Committed and Smarter than others 
Yes, companies look at a number of different things when they hire, but a college degree shows that you are smart and willing to put in the work in order to succeed. Those are both assets that are of extreme value to every company, and which will give you a leg up over someone that might be smarter or harder working, but who doesn’t necessarily have a college degree to show for it. Once you get your foot in that door, it’s then up to you to use what you learned in college to take you up each rung of the corporate ladder.

Climbing the Corporate Ladder
This is a process that is often repeated during your time at work, especially if you are ambitious and want to move into those higher positions. Just like when you were first interviewed by the company, a vetting process will be put in place to separate the candidates who are up for a promotion. Once again, you college degree is going to shine like a beacon, although you will need to have done stellar work with the company in your time there as well.

Your Ticket 
mr sai mun + steve job
We spoke earlier about how the value of a college degree cannot be overvalued, and that is certainly obvious if you look at all the major players in business. There are precious few of them who don’t have a degree of some kind, which should be an indication of the importance of a degree. There are no excuses for not having one now, especially since going to school has been made that much easier thanks to online colleges. Career advancement isn’t just all about working hard, but also having the education that will single you out as among the brightest and best out there.

College Degree might not be the only reason to be successful in life, but it is definitely the one of the top reasons.

Everyone wanted to be like Steve Jobs, but how many Steve Jobs are there in our century?

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  1. It’s a mistake to take a break after high school. It’s harder to get back to school after a break. And learning becomes harder as you get older.