Travel Taiwan : Top 10 Things Malaysian Student Must-Do

Travelling to Taiwan has become a trend among young people because there are many interesting places to be visited, beautiful views and scenic areas, and of course, food galore for everyone and shopping paradise for girls. I had went to Taiwan for twice whereby the first time was with tour and the recent one was free and easy with friends.
So what are the top 10 things a Malaysian student must do in Taiwan?

#1. Visit to night market

Going to night market is a MUST when you travel to Taiwan. Most of them are famous with snacks.
According to the survey done by Taiwan Tourism Bureau, Taiwan's top five famous night market are Kao Hsiung Liu He Market, Taipei Shilin Market, Yilan LuoDong Market, Tainan HuaYuan Market and the biggest one in TaiChung FengXia Market. Besides food, there are also mini games like darts, fishing, mahjong and etc.

#2. Try out the Taiwan beer

The most recognized and the best selling beer brand in Taiwan! Taiwan beer are regularly seen in 7-Eleven, Family Mart or other grocery stores. There are tropical fruits flavour (mango, pineapple, peach, orange, grapes) beer with only 2.8% alcohol whereas the Original one is 4.5%. The taste is just nice and I'm sure most of the girls will like it. It's a good thirst quencher and the best drinks in Summer!

#3. Have breakfast at 7-Eleven or Family Mart

Unlike Malaysia, 7-Eleven in Taiwan served different and various ready-to-eat foods. They are cheap and tasty, a simple meal that satisfy you. There is microwave available for reheating the food and also tables and chairs for dining. Family Mart is a convenience store like 7-Eleven and you can see it almost everywhere.

#4. A visit to Jiu Fen 九份 (Taipei)

In addition to the natural scenery of mountain and sea, Jiu Fen old street is the most prosperous shopping district. It is a place with delicious food, mouth-watering desserts and yummy snacks such as glutinous rice balls, fish balls, mochi, tea, pineapple cakes and so on. You may need to spend up to 3 hours to enjoy every single thing there.

#5. A visit to ShiFen 十分 (Taipei)

ShiFen waterfall locates in PingXi, which is one of the most attraction places to be visited in Taiwan.

You can reach ShiFen station by a five to ten minutes drive to "release" the Chinese lantern (or Sky lantern/ Tian Deng). There are different colors symbolising different things. Usually people will go for the combination that consists of four colors.

#6. Watch the sunrise at Alishan (阿裡山)

Have you ever tried to stay up late till 3.30am in the morning or wake up at this hour just to take a train to somewhere to watch the sunrise? Let's make it together with a bunch of friends and experience the joy together! It is worth to sacrifice your sleeping time for it.

Make sure by latest of 4am you are there because the queue is really long.

There are few stalls at the sunrise view point whereby you can grab something hot to warm your body.
It's a nature wonder that you should not miss :)

#7. A day in Eslite Bookstore (誠品)

Eslite bookstore is the largest bookstore in Taiwan. Both English and Chinese books can be found and they are well-arranged according to categories. Spend half a day there with a cup of coffee is just simply wonderful.

#8. A visit to Sun Moon Lake (日月潭)

Sun Moon lake, being one of the National Scenic Areas in Taiwan, is a very famous attraction place to be visited. Other than the beautiful views, there are also temples. Try out the herbal eggs which you may have to queue for more than 20 minutes. During weekend, there will be aboriginal singing and dancing performance. Have fun and enjoy the time with them, it will definitely add extra points to your trip.

#9. Taiwanese Breakfast

The healthy sandwiches with a cup of soya milk or latte that make your day.
They also serve burgers, egg crepes, bagel and many other foods. What's surprising is that, they are very cheap! Unlike Malaysia, our sandwiches can go right up to RM10 (and it's only egg mayo sandwich).
You need not to worry about everyday's breakfast because once you have it, you will definitely fall in love with it.

#10. A visit to Tamsui Old Street (淡水)

An old street, again famous with street foods. The must try foods are iron eggs, A-gei, red bean cake, and fish balls. And also, for girls, the bags there are selling very cheap! You will definitely spend few hours there although it is not a long street.

Remember to catch the sunset nearby Fishermen's Wharf.

You may be wondering why is Taipei 101 not in my list?
Taipei 101 is like Pavilion KL or Starhill, there are all branded inside and as a student we cannot afford to get them. There's nothing much but just a normal shopping center. However, you may capture the Taipei 101 Tower since it's the significance of Taiwan.

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