Bear Paw Subang SS15 Outlet

The first bite.
Bear Paw cafe has now opened in Subang SS15 about a week ago! It is just opposite INTI College Subang campus and nearby McDonald's. 

It's just nearby McDonald's and Tong Pak Fu.

The taiwanese burger - Bear Paw.

It's a kind of burger originated from Taiwan which is presented in a creative and unique way. Indeed, this cafe is PORK FREE!

As you can see, they offer varies value set meals for customers. 

5 different value meal sets.

The burger a la carte itself has already costed RM9.90. Customers get to customize their own burger with the variety choices of bun, patty and sauces.

Bear Paws
Whole wheat bun + Spicy chicken + Teriyaki sauce
Whole wheat bun + Spicy chicken + Thousand island

Frankly speaking, if you're a big eater, this RM9.90 normal-sized burger wouldn't satisfy your hunger and stomach. Its portion is just like the McChicken from McDonald's. 

Anyway,it tastes normal, not to say too delicious or too bad. Indeed, it's mainly depends on the sauces you choose. Based on the experience from our visit, the teriyaki sauces doesn't taste nice and it downgrades the burger. 

Overall, in terms of quality and portion size, it is kinda pricey for students and teenagers. Although they did offer plenty of value set meals, but I believe students or teens can get a better meal with a better portion to satisfy their appetite and hunger with that particular price.

Jungle is excited with his first visit to Bear Paw.
'We have our Bear Paw, how about you?'

Here's the feedback from each of us after our first visit to Bear Paw

Kun Kuan a.k.a Jungle

"Among all the credits given to this Bear Paw, I would like to express my personal opinion in an opposite way as I think the bear paw is not as veritable as how people describing it. Bear paw has been remarkable in doing advertising but sadly it is only good in the name, overrated in reality." 

Zi Xuan

"The bun and chicken are not bad, just the combination of teriyaki sauce tastes bad. Suggested to order wisely."

Khing Yuan

"Not as good as what I expected. Personally feel it's a little bit too pricey and cannot satisfy my hunger. Worth to visit once, and once is enough."

Conclusion : Overrated.

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  1. The food looks great and the prices seem fair.

  2. Great post for Bear Paw and with nice photos sharing. Myself do write a review too at please feel free comment. Thanks