Love & Myth of Hospitality & Tourism Management

Hello everyone!! I am Shi Ying, a degree student of Hospitality & Tourism Management course from KDU University College. 

Interested in studying Hospitality & Tourism Management course but still hesitating about it? 

Have a look at the 3 myths or things to avoid and 3 things you gonna love studying this course. =)

--- 3 Myths / things to avoid ---

#1 Hotel & Tourism Management is an easy course!

This course doesn't just focus on hotel & tourism subject, we also learn about other general aspects of the business culture which can be very useful in other industries as well, such as: Financial management, Economics, Human Resources, and Corporate Social Responsibility etc.This course takes as much academical effort as any other courses.

#2 Avoid this course if you are not passionate about service-related industry

This course and its industry-related jobs require a lot of face-to-face human interaction. Some find it difficult to overcome their boundaries & tend to lose interest in it, and others might overcome it and love it. Therefore, analyze your own characteristics and interest before you make a decision to study this course. Avoid it if you are not passionate about service-related industry. Think twice and make your decision wisely.

#3 Wearing uniform everyday is a must in this course

It depends on your institution chosen. Some colleges are strictly abide by the rules of wearing uniform on a daily basis to portrait professionalism. There are also other institution who takes the uniform regulations slightly lighter. In my college, wearing uniform is only required on Monday and selected occasions. ^.^ 

 --- 3 things you gonna love ---

#1 Application of practical &theoretical knowledge

Our Service Uniform =) 

This course offers you a variety of practical skills and theoretical knowledge such as basic kitchen management, restaurant management skills and beverage studies. Most of the students love practical classes because you will have a lot of fun doing it and it is not boring. You even get the chance to experience wine and liquor testing, cook for others and running a restaurant!

Beverage Studies ^.^
Where my face get red during wine testing ~ haha
Table Setting =)

#2 Travel!!!

Everybody loves travel! 

Studying this course in my college (KDU), you will get the opportunity to travel within your academic life in this course! The IMI designated courses will encourage you to travel and visit their campus in Switzerland. Additionally, you might come across few subject where travelling to another country is required with your whole class. I have traveled to Hong Kong during my diploma and Bali few months ago. Guess what? I'm going to travel to Cambodia soon with my beloved classmate!!! I am sure it's going to be a very fun yet exciting trip! ^.^

Trip to Hong Kong ^.^

Bali Trip =)

#3 Activities Galore!!

Whether it is a Corporate Social Responsibility fundraising campaign or a food festival, this course will incorporate within their subjects an abundance of activities that you and your course mates would have to plan and manage by yourself. You will get a lot of fun through the event. If you love to be on your feet, this is one course you shouldn't leave out of your options! 

CSR event!! Bald On, Wax Off~
All guys went bald for fund raising for children with cancer ^.^

Costume for American student exchange Event
Hope this post will help you to know more about Hospitality & Tourism Management Courses.
If you like service industry, communicating with others, see sweet smiles on your guest's face, you will definitely love this course!!  ^.^

Comment and share us your opinions :)

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  1. This is a very informative blog entry for those who are still pending on the choice of their further studies. Thanks for the supportive entry over the hospitality management courses. :)

  2. wow! look nice, i think this is one of the great subject for who were planing to go for further study.

  3. That is true, what u say . i bealive there more towards the industry than what u say ,well is a good start for everbody to know about the job or studies .... :)