Travel in USA - Top Destinations for a Malaysian

There is a total of 50 states in the United States of America. It would take up at least a year if you want to explore most of the corners in the states. So here is the list of top destination for a Malaysian in the USA.  

1. New York 

Times Square 

An iconic New York attraction. You gotta get your body off the bed early in the morning, especially during weekdays to experience the fast pace in Times Square. You can see people holding a cup of drinks with their fast pace. The colorful advertisement would help to brighten your sleepy mood. Times Square is also known as a shopping heaven. Beware that most of the shops close at 9pm. 

Central Park 

Take your own sweet time to walk around the park for the fresh air because once you leave Central Park, you hardly can get fresh air. People hanging around under the tree, playing guitar, singing, dancing and eating. Visit Central Park Carousel to reminisce your childhood memory, Central Park Zoo to check out the animals and Bethesda Fountain to have the opportunity to witness marriage proposal (I have seen a gay one), and check out the hot girls/guys who jog around the park. 

Statue of Liberty 

This is a must-visit attraction in New York. Ride on a cruise to the liberty island so you get around 270 degree of view. LOL. It is indeed a very beautiful landmark and it is a MUST to take a picture of yourself with the statue! You can have a tour inside the crown to tickle the female statue's head. 

Empire State Building

When you realize the night is still young after shopping at Times Square as most of the shops close at 9pm, you can go to Empire State Building for a night view because it operates from 8am to 2am daily. You definitely can avoid the long queue if you were there at midnight. This 102-story building was once the tallest skyscraper in the US. There's 2 observation decks: Main Deck and Top Deck. I personally think that Main Deck (86th floor) has a better view of New York City compared to Top Deck (102th floor) which is an enclosed indoor. 

2. Chicago, Illinois 

Cloud Gate 

Cloud Gate has a nickname named "The Bean" because it does look like a bean, in silver color. It is located in Millennium Park which has lots of facilities. This stainless sculpture was inspired by liquid mercury. It was really fun to see your own reflection on the bean! It's even a good opportunity to take as many selfca as you could. 

Michigan Avenue

Another shopping heaven. Enjoy the shopping experience with the stunning architectures on both sides of the avenue. 

Navy Pier

Navy Pier is Chicago's lakefront playground. You would fall in love with this place at the first sight. Fireworks is available on every Wednesday at 9.30pm and Saturday at 10.15pm. Indulge yourself in the ride on 148ft high Ferris wheel, have fun at the musical carousel, visit the museums, beautiful Headhouse and Auditorium. 

The SkyDeck @ Willis Tower

You can enjoy the view of Chicago, across 4 states. Trust me, the view is really spectacular. The glass balconies allow you to look through the floor. You can even enjoy the sunset at The Skydeck. 

3. California 

Hollywood Walk of Fame 

It has over 2400 stars which comprises the names of actors, directors, directors and etc. 
The Walk of Fame runs 1.3 miles (2.1 km) east to west on Hollywood Boulevard from North Gower Street to North La Brea Avenue, plus a short segment of Marshfield Way that runs diagonally between Hollywood and La Brea; and 0.4 miles (0.7 km) north to south on Vine Street between Yucca Street and Sunset Boulevard. - From Wikipedia 
Even though it takes quite some time to complete your whole journey on Walk of Fame, it is totally worth it when you spot Jackie Chan's name!  

Madame Tussauds Hollywood 

Meet your favorite celebrities here! It is open daily at 10am. It has more than 100 lifelike wax figures. They look so real that you might want to bring them home. Make sure you get an empty memory card because you might want to take picture with every single wax figure. ;) 

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco 

The bridge was appeared in several movies which the bridge is attacked by the bad person/creatures. You can choose to either walk, bike or drive over the bridge. The stunning view of the surroundings from the bridge and the spectacular design make it one of the Wonders of the Modern World. 

Hearst Castle 

This huge gorgeous mansion has more than 160 rooms and boast tennis courts, a movie theater, an airfield, a garden and an indoor (Roman Pool) and outdoor pool (Neptune Pool). You will be amazed by its spectacular and impressive design.

4. Universal Studios 
(Go to Universal Studio Hollywood and Universal Orlando website for the ticket price) 

I have been to both Universal Studios in Hollywood,California and another one in Orlando, Florida. Universal Studio Hollywood is a Hollywood movie studio and theme park whereas Universal Orlando has two theme parks (1. Universal Studios Florida for more movie [especially cartoon] and TV show rides, 2. Islands of Adventure which mainly features The Wizarding World of Harry Potter). So if you are a Hollywood movie fan and a Harry Potter movie fan at the same time, Universal Orlando is absolutely the right choice. To complete every single ride in Universal Studios, I suggest you to buy express pass. I know it is expensive but then the fun and thrill that you have are definitely worth every single penny. 

5. Walt Disney World 
(Go to the website for ticket price) 

It is located at Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Compared to Disneyland Resort (which has only 2 theme parks, Downtown Disney and 3 resort hotels), Walt Disney World is definitely a better and worth place to visit because it has 4 theme parks, 2 waterparks, 24 themed resorts and several recreational and entertainment venues such as Downtown Disney, golf courses, Walt Disney World Speedway. Walt Disney World is definitely a place where you find your childhood memories. There's too much of awesome things of Walt Disney World to talk about which I can't complete them in words (plus this post is gonna be super lengthy). The most awesome part is the firework at night at The Magic Kingdom. OMFG! Those fantastic fireworks are the best one that I ever seen in my life. 

There is actually a lot of plus points to go to Florida because the best of the Universal Studio and Disneyland (at least for me) are there! The theme parks are big enough to make you spend a week in total to enjoy your holiday in both US Orlando and Walt Disney World. 

6. Miami, Florida
Miami is famous for the beach and party at night. This is how you should spend your day: Have a decent breakfast/brunch/lunch at Lincoln Road Mall, then start shopping at Lincoln Road Mall (you might have chance to bump into celebrities there), then change into your newly bought swimsuits/bikini to Miami’s South Beach which covered by white sand, have a fine dining at the restaurant nearby after enjoying sunset at South Beach, then have an exciting night at the party in the clubs/pubs.

You can even enjoy parasailing experience at Miami Beach. The beauty view of the city from the sea is really stunning and wonderful. 

7. Las Vegas, Nevada
I'm pretty sure the first thing which comes into your mind is casino in this place! Most of the non-muslim Malaysian do gamble, especially when there is casino at Genting Highlands. I have not been to Las Vegas before but I can give you the top 5 casinos in Las Vegas based on my research. 
1. The Bellagio
2. Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino
3. The MGM Grand 
4. Caesars Palace
5. The Luxor Hotel & Casino 

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  1. I am someone who likes to travel and enjoy the local specialties that. I went to so many places in Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Thailand, etc.. This time I was eager to set foot in America, your article helped me get a bit of experience
    PS: My english is quite bad