Is David Moyes Really Suitable for Manchester United?

Criticism has raised by leaps and bounds following the poor and disappointing performance of Manchester United this season after taking over by a new manager, David Moyes. Manchester United has only won 3 games out of 8 games this season, with 2 draws and 3 loses. The standing of Manchester United is at 8th and with 5 points behind top 4. It cannot be denied that the performance of Manchester United at this season is poorly bad, and that's the reason of the tsunami of criticisms.

Many supporters claimed that David Moyes needs more time to settle down and develop the team. Many oppositions urged that David Moyes should be sacked and he is not the suitable one for the manager seat of Manchester United, the defending champion. Many fans wished that Sir Alex Ferguson can come back and take over the seat again to save Manchester United from such disappointing situation. Following the flood of criticisms pouring on David Moyes, Sir Alex Ferguson stood out and supported him.

Indeed, is David Moyes really suitable for Manchester United? Let's be neutral and rational to look into this issue.

#1 Fired all the backroom staff - The biggest mistake

It's the most shocking and also the stupidest decision made by David Moyes. He is new to the club, it is important to have all the experience backroom staffs to assist him in understanding the club and players better. Those experience backroom staffs have been following Sir Alex and working in the club for years. They understand the quality as well as weakness of each player. The existence of these experienced backroom staffs can help David Moyes to know the ability of each player even better. The firing of all the backroom staffs has eventually showed its impacts to the club, literally.

#2 Mediocre selection of players

Undeniably that Manchester United is full of potential and quality players. But, David Moyes seems to have problems in utilizing the full potential and power of the squad available. This has also raised the angers and frustrations of many fans. Shinji Kagawa, Javier Hernadez, or Zaha, all are not given chances to prove themselves on the field. Perhaps this is due to tactical play by David Moyes. But, his poor managing skills has triggered the angers of the players as well, which is very bad to the team and club. Sir Alex Ferguson always has his reason of making a decision. He decided to throw Wayne Rooney out of the team, for sure he has his reason in it. In fact, Wayne Rooney no longer has the form he used to be. He is no longer that consistent or enthusiasm as he used to be anymore. Just have a look at the game yesterday against Southampton, keep wasting chances and giving out the balls easily. Mistakes by mistakes. Yea, it's truth that he had scored few goals for the last few games, but is this able to prove that he is still good enough for Manchester United? His form is dropping, if compared to previous years where he is superb and has a great influential to the team. Perhaps other players such as Shinji Kagawa or even Chicharito can play or contribute more to the team? Who knows? Of course, different players have different ball play and preference. But I personally feel that the leaving of Wayne Rooney would be a good thing for the club in long term. Sir Alex Ferguson knows this.

#3 Poor substitution decision

Poor decision making when it comes to substitution. Let's take a look at the game yesterday against Southampton, the taking in of Ryan Giggs to replace Luis Nani was shocking. It was a shocking decision indeed. It cannot be denied that the 40-year-old Ryan Giggs is no longer that fit as he used to be anymore and lacking of match fitness. With the presence of Wanyama and Schneiderlin on the field who played very aggressively, it was really surprised to see David Moyes decided to take him into the game. Ryan Giggs totally cannot make himself into the game comfortably. He kept giving away the balls and failed to make a contribution in the defense. He cannot contribute to the team at all. Moreover, Wayne Rooney's form wasn't that good as well. Keep losing ball and giving out possession. Chances wasted as well. Yet, David Moyes still sticking with him. Why not try to put or give other players who have a better form and contribution to the team play? Manchester United is not a one-player-team. 

#4 He needs more time? Really?

He is new to the team. It's reasonable with the poor performance. And he needs time to developed the team as what Sir Alex did. But please bear in mind that when Sir Alex first took over the team, the team wasn't a champion-winning or strong team yet. And for sure Sir Alex needed time to build a champion-winning team from an ordinary team. But, the team David Moyes is having now is totally different. It's the team that won the EPL champion last year. Sir Alex had made sure that he left the good foundation and quality team to the next manager before he left. It is very true that the squad that Sir Alex handed over to David Moyes is real quality, which just won the champion last season. But it was totally a mess when it comes to David Moyes. When Mourinho first took over Chelsea, Inter Milan or Real Madrid, he managed to win champion or top 3. When Pep first took over Bayern Munich, he managed to stay top 2. When Martini first took over Barcelona, he managed to stay top 2. When Blanc first took PSG, he managed to stay top 2. David Moyes has a very strong squad. Same as those managers. But why a champion winning team played like a different team when comes into his hand? Why he needs more time when the quality base is already there? One reason, he is still has a long way to go and perhaps not good enough yet to manage a champion-quality team. Times is just an excuse to cover his poor managing ability. 

This is purely based on my personal opinion. David Moyes still has lots to learn before becoming a real winner or world class manager. Indeed, what he is currently doing is killing the team and players. Shinji Kagawa, Javier Hernadez, or Zaha are talent who shouldn't be treated so. 

It is true that he had a great result in managing Everton and is a potential manager. But, what Manchester United needed in a winner, not a potential one. 

So, is David Moyes really suitable to manage Manchester United?

Hopefully Sir Alex is right in choosing him to take over his seat. 

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