4 Reasons How To Score in SPM & IGCSE

We believe that every student can achieve the highest mark and grade. Marks and grades that will make people say its 'impossible' like - 100% -  99% - Above 90 - A - A* - A+ and all.  We believe the most important factor is the tutor. 

4 Reasons How A Student Can Achieve

#1. Tutor who is passionate and talented to teach, prepare notes and compile relevant questions for the student. Making it easy for the student to understand and immediately try the exam styled question 
and a lot fun along the way. A great tutor believes all his/her student can achieve the highest. 

#2. Parent who is dedicated and keep very close monitoring of their child progress and activities at home, school and tuition. If you send a your child to a tuition and the tuition teacher is not preparing notes or the notes are not up to standard, change immediately. If you child is failing and the tuition teacher is not giving extra classes or extra effort to help him/her, change it immediately. 

#3. School Teacher who is committed to produce up to standard test papers and spend lots of effort to mark their papers accurately. They play an important role to tell the students what's their situation and how to improve. 

#4. Student attitude, many times teachers and parents blame the students attitude as the main reason for their child's failure, but its the least important reason. This is because its the teachers and parents responsibility to motivate them, to coach them to improve their attitude and to show enough care until their attitude improves. 

If the tutor, parents and student, all work together closely, the student can achieve their highest potential and many will be the highest achievers in the country. Its only a psychological barrier when a student can't achieve. To break the barrier we give our students the best materials and consistent motivation and care, while parents must also make good decision for the child. 

Lim Siz Kai, SMK St Mary (KL), 99 marks
Highest in Form  

Lim Siz Kai and her Add Math Top Tutor , Mr Austin Lau .

                                     Lim Siz Kai with her 99 marks exam paper in end year exam.

Yee Chui Chin, SMKB, 99 marks for one of her paper

Both of the high achievers of the school

 thanks to the school teachers who prepared very high quality questions
and marked their papers strictly

 teaching them to write perfect answers and 
understand the exam format is one of the key for their success

 understanding the concept aren't enough,
they must be motivated to achieve the highest

 writing each step like an A+ student
it begins with consistent fine tuning of student performance

 small margin for errors
Goo Yee San Paper, Physics Trial Paper


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    keep up the good work.


  2. has any student, while attending national sec school, takes extra igcse exams during form four, and takes spm exams in form five? by 17 yrs old, the student has 2 certs..one local and one international. Is it worthwhile to follow this route?

    1. yes, there are a few students i knew who took both igcse and spm examinations, but mostly when they get igcse results they can enter to any colleges and universities they didnt want to continue with the SPM.

  3. Thanks for your response. My son is currently in Form 2 in a national controlled school of SMJK. It is a good school. However, I'm thinking of letting him take some igcse subjects to complement his KBSM subjects. The aim is to broaden his knowledge and to ensure his standard is on par internationally. In this respect, which igcse subjects would you recommend him to take for a Science stream KBSM student when he reaches Form 4? English 1st language, English literature, Maths, Science (individually or combined?), ICT etc? Tks Mr Sai Mun