Travel to Korea : Winter in Jeju Island Tips & Tricks

Jeju Island, Korea

From Seoul we took a 1 hour flight to Jeju Island through Easter Jet. Easter Jet is the only local airline in Korea which has an English website. So we booked through and flew for only 76,800 won each person (about RM 223). Very worth it. You should really book early. However, in order to get the special rate, you have to first register as their member.

Before we arrive at Jeju Island, we already made a call to the car rental service in Seoul Gimpo Airport. AJ Car Rental is the only one with friendly English speaking staff. By the time we reach Jeju they have already allocate a car for us. AJ has a free shuttle bus from the airport to their car rental centre which is very convenient. They got us a tiny car which is just right for 2 of us, and the 3 days rental is only 60000 won (RM 165 ). Make sure you learn how to use the GPS system before you leave the centre. We learned the hard way. haha...

3 Tips - How the Free GPS works
1. all text are in Korean (no english at all)
2. but can be programmed to speak English (lucky)
3. List out all the places of interest telephone number and learn how to key into the system (important)

We manage to travel the whole island thanks to the Korean English Speaking GPS Free from AJ..

Our cute little white car is called 'Morning' and it runs on 'natural gas'

Our 1st day, we landed upon Yongdam Rock, admission is free,
 nothing much here but a good place to take pictures. 

Oyster as a free side dish, and its very fresh, no 'funny' smell like most of the oysters i tried before

Scampi or little Lobsters as a free side dish also.
 Jeju is such a beautiful island filled with generous people :)

This is our Korean Style Main Dish for about 10000 won

Must try their grilled Mackerel for 12000 won. Something we will never forget

Abalone Porridge at 8000 won. Super Yummy! 
For good meals like this you should find Food Street in Seogwipo-Si. There are Food Street 1&2. So if you ask around, i'm sure you can find it. 

The 2nd day, we went to all time popular Teddy Bear Museum in Jungmun.
Its about 20minutes drive from Seogwipo-Si
For Teddy Bear fans, this is definitely the place for you. 

Many many 'TEDDY BEARS'

Louis Vutton Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear doing the Gangnam Style

My favourite : The giant big fluffy brown bear

Last Bear Picture .. :)

Walking distance from Teddy Bear Museum is the Chocolate Land, its nothing much really, but 3000 won for a ticket and a rebate of 3000 won to buy Jeju Chocolates, we consider it 'free admission' already. 

Try to find how many real chocolates here? 

This is something unique

Jeju Island is popular for its Hallabang or huge mandarin oranges.
Many tourist come here and buy this chocolates, its a little different from orange chocolates.
Since you are at Jeju, you should really try it out. only 10000 won per box. 

Jeju Island Chocolates with Strawbery, Kiwi, Oranges and Hallabang.
You can buy this as souvenirs to bring back home.

 This Ripley's Museum is definitely bigger and more fun than the one in Genting Highland.
Surprisingly i find it quite worth it actually.

The door with no lock and tricky to open. Try it yourself
Haha. Its a museum packed with the most amazing things in the world.
Believe it or not its all in this tiny Earth of ours.

Tallest guy in the world 

 Playing dead

carpets are quite clean there.. so...

Next Stop, Ossulloc Team Museum.

Girls take pictures with anything and everything.  :) 

They have a nice cafe inside and its crowded. We thought what can you expect from a Touristy place from this, we ordered and sat down anyway cos its freezing cold outside. Ordered Happy Tea, Green Tea Roll and Green Tea + Yoghurt Ice Cream.

It taste amazing. including the tea. Haha. A must try.

Osulloc Jeju Tea Garden with the unforgettable Green Tea + Yoghurt Ice Cream.
Its almost perfect.

must take picture with the popular Jeju Symbolic Statues

Jeju very popular Trick Art Museum. Make sure you bring along a tripod stand or a good friend who is not tired of taking lots and lots of pictures of you. We have never thought an art can be drawn until such a way. Amazing place to go to.

Its amazing how they can think of all these things

We actually have to wait for the crowd to leave, set up the tripod and camera just to take this picture.

Jeju Island is an island for newly wed to go to aka Honey Moon Island. 
Maybe that's the reason they are so many museum, the most interesting museum i find it to be is the
'Loveland' and 'Love & Sex Musuem'

think of it more as way to educate the public about 'Sex'

its closes at 12 midnight. So this should be your last stop. 


Next day, we make our way to Jeju Folk Village

If you are into Korean Dramas, you should know who is this lady and what's the drama. 
They actually film the whole drama series here.

the old houses hunter's used to live in

 Jeju Folk Village Museum. This is the place where the shoot the 'Ta Jang Ching' ....

 Corn they prepare in the olden days..

Glass Museum
Jack and the Pea going up the sky. Fully made from glass

have you tried the glass maze

a good place to take good pictures

Cinderella's Glass Shoe

The glass bridge and flowers 

In short, Jeju island is a very nice place to chill and travel. It's a must-come-place if you plan to travel to Korea. I'm sure you will have an unforgettable and amazing memories here.

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  1. Hi, interesting blog you have there.I enjoyed reading it.Did you or your friend apply an international driving license in order to drive in Korea?

    1. yes, you do need to get an international driving license. The car rental service will ask for your passport and international license. Its quite easy to apply in Malaysia, just drop by any driving schools and they will get it done for you.

  2. Where is that place you eat as shown in the picture?

  3. can you suggest a good place to stay? preferably where u had good experiennce...

  4. the AJ car rental for morning is 5 people and is 86,000 won. Why did yours is only 60000 won a day?

  5. the AJ car rental for morning is for 5 people and cost 86000 won a day. How come your rate is so cheap?

  6. Was surfwalking when stumble on ur blog...Look at the abalone! And that's a sidedish?? Wow... that's kinda lavish but worth it. The pictures are great... feels like booking the flight a.s.a.p but the winter tix arent out yet...huhuhu

  7. May I ask if it was easy to drive in winter period? I'm from Singapore and obviously we didn't have any driving experience in such weather condition. How many days did you stay in Jeju?

  8. Hello thanks for sharing the amazing info:) May I ask if the above mentioned places that you went, is it easy parking accessible? And may I know is driving in jeju easy and safe?
    Hope to receive your reply:) Thanks

  9. Hi, how many days u stay at Jeju?

  10. no snow in jeju during winter?
    is it nice to drive?