#7 Ways How to Score Straight A's

Feeling eager to score straight A's in exams? No worries, Mr Khing is here to share some tips on how to score straight A's.

#1 Time Management
Always make a study plan to ensure you can prepare equally well for all the subjects in time. Set a target that you needed to achieve and finish by that day. I will ensure I finished what I have targeted to finish that day then only I will go to bed. Anyway, I will also take a break after hours of studying, for instances a short nap, play games, watch tv, or go for exercising. It's alright to give yourselves some times to rest or play. Don't be too tension. Just chill and study. Study happily, and your brain will work happily with you too :)

#2 Study smart
Never study and memorize blindly without understanding. Always try to understand the concept or topic you're studying. Once you have fully understand it, it will be very easy for you to memorize and remember. For memorizing subject such as Sejarah, I studied and memorized all over and over again for several times. By studying one time, it's hard to save everything in your brain. So I read and memorize the same things for few times. It did help in boosting and enhancing your memorization. Of course, I did many exercises and past years questions as well. It helps you to remember better. For Biology, try to understand the concept. It isn't that difficult after all. In short, understanding always come first. Don't study blindly. Study blindly can't help you in scoring. Once the exam question twists a bit, you might face difficulties in attempting the question. For my case, I will read through it first, in order to understand and have a brief image about it. Then, I will read again for the second time and start memorizing it. 

#3 Practices
Do all the trial papers of all states for all the subjects. It will give u a rough image of the style of questions being asked in SPM. Always make sure you have finished studying the particular subject well before doing the trial paper. Refer to the answers when you cannot answer. You can remember and understand the particular scope better by doing so. Indeed, for subjects like mathematics, additional mathematics, physics, chemistry and whichever subjects that are difficult for you, do more exercises. Do all the trial papers and past years. It does help in your understanding. Only studying and memorizing textbooks or notes is not enough. Do more exercises, it will help you to attempt the exam questions a lot more better. 

#4 Determination
Always motivate yourselves and be determined to achieve your dreams. Be determined especially when it comes to studying. Don't give yourselves excuses to wake up late or abandon studies. You need to win yourselves before you can achieve what you have been dreaming for. Never give yourselves excuses. Always make sure you are on the track with your study plan.

#5 Positive Thoughts
Never think that you cannot make it or you gonna fail it. Thinking negatively will only demotivate yourselves. Always think positively. Happy go lucky. There's nothing cannot be done. Think positively and always give your best shoot. 

#6 Confidence
Always be confident, especially during the exam period. If you believe you can do it, then you surely can do it. Be confident when answering, be confident with your answers, be confident with yourselves. Confidence is very important. 

#7 Enough of rest
Never torture yourselves to max. You need rest, your body need rest, your brain need rest. Keep yourselves fresh for exam. Wash your face before the exam starts, always keep yourselves fresh. It will ensure your brain to function well during the exam too. 

Last but no least:
  • No last minutes studying
  • Prepare few months before SPM
  • Understand what you're studying and memorizing
  • No blind studying or memorizing
  • Do all the trial papers of all states
  • Do more exercises
  • Be determined
  • Be confident
  • Always think you can
  • Try your best
  • Don't tension. Just chill and go for it.
Hope it helps. Good luck and all the best.

'The difference between extraordinary and ordinary is the extra.'
'Success only comes for those who are busy looking for it.'


Note from Mr Sai Mun's,
Khing Yuan/Mr Khing is currently a JPA Scholar studying Monash University. Thank you Khing Yuan for being our Guest Blogger. He has been a fine gentleman, with vast potential since his high school years. He is a all rounder, a great athletic with good study results and amazingly charming. Fb him at Khing Yuan

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  1. It is vital to take enough time to prepare. Don’t let all for the last moment, you won’t make it!

  2. thanks ,i will try my best!!!