Which Path Should You Take After Form 5 SPM?

What to do after graduated Form 5?

Hi, my name is Lee Jia Yi, a former Sai Mun students. Today, I'm here to give you a in-depth about life begins after SPM. Yeah, I'm sure that many of you wondered what to do after SPM? Which roads to choose? A-level, Form 6, Matriculation or Foundation studies in private institution?

A lot of people prefer to go private institution after graduated Form 5 because they thought Form 6 is hard and uneasy to score well... And even if u do well in your STPM... you may not get offer the courses you dreamed. In fact, STPM is one of the hardest examination in the world. 

Below are the pros and cons of STPM...

Pros of Taking STPMCons of Taking STPM
In-depth learning.Wide syllabus.
15 experiments/projects need to do for each science subject.Time consuming.
Widely recognise (accepted by NUS and NTU, Singapore)Tough examination.
Save moneySpend most of the time on revision.

Many people studied Form 6 mainly because they want to enter local public universities and Singapore universities (such as NUS, Nanyang...). In my opinion, Form 6 is not a bad choice if you like to accept challenges. Recently, Ministry of Education Malaysia had changed STPM into semester-based system. This means there will be an exam in every semester. You don't have to study every chapter to score in final examnation. Besides, there is also continuous accesement which place 20% weightage on coursework. This may ease the burden of STPM student as well.

2. Matriculation and UPUNext, we will proceed to matriculation. This are another way to enter local public institution. Matriculation are Widely accepted for entry into a bachelor’s degree course at public universities, the local matriculation program (program matrikulasi) started in 1980s and has seen great changes ever since.Run by local universities and only offered to Bumiputra students previously, it is now run by the Ministry of Education with 10% of places in the program offered to non-Bumiputra students. To date, Matriculation has over 17 institution to provide a 1 year course for the selected student. Click the link to apply http://www.moe.gov.my/bmkpm/

Matriculation is quite good because is faster and easier to enter local public universities. Previously, I studied in Kedah Matriculation College(KMK) but only for 3 weeks (I got better offer, so I have to leave) . I think that matriculation is not bad because it offer a good and condusive study environment. Moreover, it also provides good sport and recreation utilities such as tennis court, squash, basketball court, full size sport and track field and the list goes on.

If you study matriculation, government will provide for your study expenses including the tuition fees, plus you get allowance but if you do STPM, you need to cover your study expenses yourself, but you don't have to pay for exam and registration fee. Now from Matriculation, you can continue to Degree in local IPTA's. Matriculation graduates are prioritised in IPTA's entry selection. From STPM, you can continue to Degree locally or overseas but to continue Degree overseas your pointer has to be absolutely bombastic. There is also another alternative to enter local universites, that is upu. UPU is a foundation studies in local public universities. For more information, visit http://upu.mohe.gov.my/

3. Private college and universities 

Other than that, you can choose to enter private institution if you don't have financial problem and dreamed to study overseas. There are many pre-u courses offer by private institution such as Taylor, Sunway, Help, KDU, SEGI, UTAR, TARC and the list goes on which include A-level, SAT, SAM, AUSMAT and foundation in preferred courses. Of course, the fees of private institution is vary depending which college you are going. To date, UTAR and TARC offer the cheapest fees among other private institution while Taylor and Sunway are the most expansive but they offer the best quality of tertiary education and conducive study environment. Inevitably, private universities has a good standard of tertiary education but not all offers the same. So, you have to choose your private college and universities wisely. Ask your senior or counsellor to help you decide which private universities suits you the best. For more info, kindly contact your preferred universities counsellor.

4. Local and private scholarship

If you are excel in studies, try to apply scholarship. There are many local and overseas scholarship available offers by government and private company. For examples, Government offers bursary to who score at least 9A+ and above to pursue their study in local or private institution. Besides, there are also Special Programs Engineering Japan, Korea, Germany and France scholarship available to undergraduates. On top of that, there is also private company scholarship such as Petronas scholarship,Sime Darby, Yayasan Khazanah, Maybank scholarship, TNB scholarship, TM scholarship, private universities scholarship and many more... Just Google it! In order to obtain these scholarship, you have to excel in your academic as well as co-curiculum activities to impress them. Besides that, you have to do well during interview and accesment session... You have to compete with other scholar as well. So, start from now, build up your confidence and communication skill impress the interviewer.

4. PTPTN loan

If you don't like to bound by scholarship, you can try to apply PTPTN loan. According to my senior, those who achieve first class honor in their studies, their loan can be waived. For more information, feel free to visit http://www.ptptn.gov.my/ 

Last but not least, no matter what you choose and pursue, just follow and live your dreams. Quote "Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star"- W. Clement Stone. All the best in your future undertaking!


Mr Sai Mun's Note,
Jia Yi has just proudly received Maybank Scholarship to study overseas. He has been a very calm but determined student of mine. With very good guidance from his mum and good school teachers added with assistance from our tuition classes, he has progressed to be an outstanding man with lots of potential in his future career. I'm sure Maybank see's it also. Congrats Jia Yi for sharing your knowledge with your juniors. Looking forward to see you become a CEO of an multinational company soon. Think Big! 
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  1. I think there are some advantages and disadvantages in both cases. It’s great to have the studies covered by the government. But, if you afford, you can choose a private one, too.

  2. Have you thought about volunteering? SOLS are offering the opportunity to work as a Changemaker in Malaysia. You can learn different skills and receive free accommodation and food throughout. I am currently a volunteer for them and I love it!

  3. How difficult is stpm? Can i go overseas with a moderate stpm results

  4. my result 5A+,3A,1A- ,1B+ can I apply scholarship?

  5. is scholarship only give to those who continue their studies at university? if i want to go form 6,can i apply scholarship?

    1. there are many types of scholarships and bursary. Some are given by universities and colleges. Form 6 you can apply for bursary and you do not need a scholarhsip for it.

  6. hi, is form6 semester-based syllabus still recognised by singapore?

    1. you might find this link useful from NUS Singapore http://www.nus.edu.sg/oam/apply/international/admissionreq/stpm.html

  7. Starting from 2016 there will be a special JPA scholarship (PCPU) for excellent pre u students (a levels, matric, foundation, stpm and such)
    Which type of studies can benefit me more in terms of scoring a good results and also gaining a spot in that scholarship?

    1. i believe you should check how to apply for the scholarship and what are the terms and conditions. you can go to mrsaimun.com to find out more about matrics and foundation studies.

  8. Hi, I'm not sure where to ask so I'll ask here...
    If given a choice, should I study chemistry degree in Monash university Malaysia or Tohoku University in Japan in English ??

    Im not sure which to pick? :(

  9. Hi Ming Ming,

    Basically both universities are equally good in science field, as both rank about 70-75 in the world. Personally, I would prefer Tohoku Uni in Japan over Monash Uni in Malaysia. You can take it as an opportunity to explore and discover the foreign nation. But you might have to learn some japanese as you are going to stay there. Of course, Monash Uni in Australia could be another good option for you as well. Thanks.

  10. Ahh, thank you very much for your feedback.

    As much as I want to study Monash in Australia, my family could not afford me to study there since the tuition fees alone is almost rm100k per year @@

    Whereas, Tohoku university gave me admission and tuition fees waiver meaning I do not have to pay a single cent for tuition fees..the only thing I pay is the living expenses and dormitory