SPM Timetable 2016

Updated: 30th March 2016

The latest SPM Timetable 2016. This will be a good guide to plan your days and time ahead.

Pls check back for the latest updates. Next year Chemistry Biology and Physics will continue with the older Paper 3 formats which is easier for many schools to conduct the test.


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  1. hopefully they won't stick all the sciences together this year. good luck!

  2. Replies
    1. EST is English in Science and Technology

  3. 1Nov is the first day of SPM? Are you sure? that's so fast..l guess it is 11Nov

  4. Hello sir...
    The SPM Exam timetable for 2016 has been updated in Lembaga Peperiksaan website..
    It starts on 7 November and ends on 6 December :)