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Siem Reap is an amazing place. We did a 4 days 3 nights trip and its just right with enough time for what we wanted to see.


Here's how the budget looks like.
Flight from KL to Siem Reap by Air Asia : $70
Diamond D'Angkor Boutique Hotel : $50 x 3days = $150
Tuk Tuk $15 per day x 3days = $ 45
Angkor 3 day pass = $40 each person
Fried Rice only at $1
Restaurant average $4 and above

We used only $300 only for 4 days 3 nights not inclusive of hotel and flights.

$ = USD
Siem Reap uses USD, but they also accept local currency called Riel. Its easier to use USD anyway.

Day 1: We reach Siem Reap early in the morning, although the hotel did not reply our email they actually arranged free transport from the airport to their hotel. He was holding a paper with our name on it. Its a great life saver, must check out this hotel if you are planning to go.

The driver at advice us don't need to buy the Sim Card as the hotel will provide you a phone and can call anytime you want. [Waooo! Right]. Took about 15 minutes to reach the hotel from Siem Reap International Airport, a welcome drink and a free map with Cherry to explain to us where to go on the map. Early check in and we get to catch some sleep before heading to buy Angkor Passes.

#1 Genevieve Restaurant

5 minutes walk to this restaurant, found on trip advisor.
the story of this restaurant is must read. 

 ginger meatballs noodle

 siem reap most popular fish amok with rice

free bread and butter

#2. Angkor Wat In The Afternoon

Bought the 3 day pass for USD 40 per person, you can have access to all the temples in Angkor, which is a lot. So its very worth it. Keep the pass with you all the time as they will check your pass everytime you enter a temple, guys in blue shirts. 

climb up to the tallest tower of Angkor. Do watch some history of Angkor Wat on youtube will make you trip more magical than it already is. 

You will see a lot of cravings of 'Aprasa'. All uniquely different.

#3. Catch the Sunset 

We climb up a small hill, the Tuk Tuk will help you which temple and hill to climb.
There's a better view on top of a higher hill but its limited to 300 people. So if you are really into sunset, you have to be there at 3.30pm, sunsets at 5.30pm cambodian time. 

#4. Abba Restaurant

this is towel. not edible

try the popular luk lak beef

korean food all over siem reap

#5. Pub Street

you can try some local snacks and pub street is the most happening night life in Siem Reap. Try the gelatos and walk around the night markets. 

Day 2 :We booked the Tuk Tuk for the next day to see the sunrise. We booked through the Tuk Tuk driver from the hotel Mr Seth, he is super nice and we paid directly to the hotel. Tip the driver as good manners yea. :). 

#6. Sunrise at Angkor Wat. 

we use our phone as torch light and arrive at a small lake.
Lucky we went there the day before and we know the exact location to see the most beautiful spot.
you need to pay USD 5 extra on top on the USD 15 for tuk tuk. 

that the crowd on the other side of the lake.
Be there earlier if you really want a pretty view of the sunrise with angkor wat reflection on the lake.

#7. Templesssss.. Lady Temple, Jungle Temple, 'Tomb Raider' Temple

Its actually a good time to visit temples after the sunrise, its cooling and less sunny.
Oh ya, bring Sunblock. 

we make out way to more temples. 
the hotel actually pre-packed out breakfast at 5am in the morning.
So nice of them.

the popular 'Tomb Raider' Temple

#8. Khmer Barbecue 

Try all the fresh water fish and prawn. they live near to Tonle Sap the biggest lake in South East Asia. So its fresh.

Day 3: We decided we have enough temples for the trip and tried to go off the beaten path. Did some research on nearby fishing villages, if you check out trip advisor there is one which is filled with scam and tourist traps, so we found this leaflet in the hotel for tour to Kampong Phluk which is less touristy and yet still interesting, the reception help us to call the tour agent immediately with free pick up and drop off from hotel the next day.

#9. Artisan Angkor

you will appreciate more of their handicraft after the visit.
We followed a tour which is on the way to Kampong Pluk

#9. Kampong Phluk 

Follow tour and don't take the Tuk Tuk, here's why
1. Its only USD 18 per person which includes an air con bus and the boat fees
2. The road is too far too bumpy and too dusty for Tuk Tuk
3. The tour guide can explain a bit more of the place. 

The fishing village on ground

pay USD 5 for a sampan boat ride into the swamp.
Feels like the Gondola ride in Venice but cheaper and hotter and the lady keep asking for more tips.

#10. Sister Srey Cafe

Beef Burger with Pumpkin Wedges

Healthy Brown Rice


Good bye Hotel

What To Bring
Smart Phone

What To Do Before The Trip
do your homework on TripAdvisor
watch history of Angkor on YouTube Videos

If you ask me

Would I recommend my friend to go?

Would i go again?
NO, becos there are many more other places to go

Is it worth it?


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