IGCSE Timetable 2016 May June

Tuesday 26th April 
ICT Practical Test 0417/22
ICT Practical Test 0417/32

Tuesday 3rd May 
Geography  0460/13   1h 45m   AM
Malay (writing) 0546/13  1h     AM
1st Language English (Reading Passage)(Core) 0500/12  1h 45m    PM
1st Language English (Reading Passges) (Extended) 0500/12 2h   PM
English 2nd Language (Speaking Endorsement) (Reading &Writing--extended) 0511/22  2h    PM
English 2nd Language (Speaking Endorsement) (Reading &Writing--core)  0511/12   PM

Wednesday 4th May
Mathematics (Without Coursework--Extended) 0580/23 1h30m AM
Biology(Practical)   0610/52  1h15m   PM
Biology(Alternative to Practical)  0610/62  1h   PM

Friday 6th May
Geography 0460/23   1h30m   AM
1st Language English(Directed Writing&Composition)  0500/32  2h   PM
English 2nd Language(Count in Speaking) Listening--Core  0511/32   40m   PM
English 2nd Language(Count in Speaking) Listening--Extended  0511/42  50m   PM

Monday  9th May
History  0470/13  2h   AM

Tuesday 10th May
Chemistry (Practical)  0620/52  1h15m  PM
Chemistry (Alternative to Practical)  0620/62  1h pm

Wednesday 11th May
Mathematics (Without Coursework--Core)  0580/33  2h   AM
Mathematics (Without Coursework--Extended)  0580/43  2h30m   AM 

Thrusday 12th  May
Malay Reading  0546/23  1h   AM
Physics (Practical)  0625/52  1h15m  PM
Physics (Alternative to Practical)  0625/62  1h   PM
Combined Science ( Practical)   0653/52   1h30m   PM
Combined Science (Alternative to Practical)  0653/52  1h30m  PM
Co-ordinated Science (Practical)  0654/52  2h   PM
Co-ordinated Science (Alternative to Practical)  0654/52  PM
Co-ordinated Science (Alternative to Practical)  0654/62  PM

Friday 13th May

History  0470/23  2h  AM

Monday 16th May

Business Studies  0450/12  1h 30m  PM

Tuesday 17th May

Biology (Multiple Choice--Core)  0610/12  45m  PM
Biology (Multiple Choice--Extended)  0610/22  45m  PM
Biology (Core)  0610/32  1h15m  PM
Biology (Extended)  0610/42  1h15m  PM

Wednesday  18th  May

ICT  0417/13  2h AM

Thrusday  19th May

Chemistry (Multiple Choice--Core)  0620/12  45m  PM
Chemistry (Multiple Choice--Extended)  0620/22  45m  PM
Chemistry (Core)  0620/32  1h15m  PM
Chemistry (Extended)  0620/42  1h15m  PM

Friday  20th May

Accounting  0452/22  1h45m  PM

 Monday 23th  May

Business Studies  0450/22   1h30m   PM

Tuesday  24th May

Geography (Alternative to Coursework)  0460/43  1h30m  AM
Chinese (Listening)  0547/12  35m  PM
Chinese (Writing)  0547/42 1h15m  PM

Wednesday  25th  May

Physics (Multiple Choice--Core)  0625/12  45m  PM
Physics (Multiple Choice--Extended) 0625/22  45m  PM
Physics (Core)  0625/32  1h15m  PM
Physics (Extended)  0625/42 1h15m  PM
Combined Science (Multiple Choice)  0653/12  45m  PM
Combined Science  (Core)  0653.22  1h45m  PM
Combined Science (Extended)  0653/32  1h15m  PM
Co-ordinated Science (Multiple Choice)  0653/12  45m  PM
Co-ordinated Science (Core) 0653/22  1h15m  PM
Co-ordinated Science 0653/32 (Extended)  0653/32  1h15m  PM

Friday 27th May
Accounting  0452/12  1h45m  PM

Tuesday 31th May
Additional Mathematics 0606/12  2h  PM

Wednesday  1st june

Sociology  0495/13  2h   AM 

Friday  3rd june 

Sociology  0495/23  2h  AM
Additional Mathematics  0606/22  2h  PM

Monday  6th june 

History (Alternative to Coursework)  0470/43  1h  AM
Chinese (Reading)  0547/22  1h 15m  PM
Environment Management 0680/12  1h 30m  PM 

Friday 10th june 

Environment Management (Alternative to Coursework)  0680/42  1h30m  PM

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