How to apply PTPTN Study Loan

6 Easy Steps for PTPTN Loan Application:

Procedures for online application.

#1Open a CIMB Personal Savings Account@ CIMB Bank.

You may choose to deposit RM200 to get a CIMB Bank debit card 
deposit RM500 if you want a saving accounts book as a record and as well as a CIMB Bank debit card.

* Different College/ University may open a DIFFERENT bank savings account. 
Please check with your College/ University.

#2Open Skim Simpanan Pendidikan Nasional (SSPN)

@ Maybank. (Immediately can apply PTPTN)
@ Bank Islam Malaysia Bhd (BIMB) (Next day only can apply PTPTN)

*The minimum deposit is RM20.

#3.  Buy a PIN number for RM5 at Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN).

 Picture above is a sample of receipt.

You have to keep this receipt because you will have to fill in the No. PTPTN, Tarikh Bayaran& Masa Bayaran when you first time log on to the PTPTN website as shown below.

     - Fill in all the personal details correctly because any minor errors may result in your application being rejected. I have been told that the BUTIRAN KURSUS & BUTIRAN PENJAGA are the most important; you cannot make any mistakes especially in filling these two particles.

Picture above is the sample of how to fill in the information in BUTIRAN KURSUS.
      - Check the closing date before you submit your application.
15 Mar/ 15 Apr/ 15 Sep/ 15 Oct

*Please check with your College/ University because different College/ University 
may not have the same closing date.

#5. Check your application status after 7 working days of the online application closing date.
*If your online application is rejected, you are required to seek advice from PTPTN.

Procedures after your online application has been approved.

#6 Submit the supporting documents stated below to the PTPTN officer of your College/ University. (photocopy on A4-size, single-sided only)

                        v 1 Copy- College/ University offer letter

v 2 Sets  - PTPTN Agreement and its Letter of Offer
o   Print from PTPTN website.

v 1 Copy- Maklumat Permohonan Pembiayaan
o   Print at Online Application, PTPTN website

v 1 Copy- Student’s IC

v 1 Copy- SPM Certificate

v 1 Copy- A levels/ Diploma/ Foundation/ STPM/ UEC or equivalent (Certificate& Transcript)
v 1 Copy- CIMB Savings Account Details

v 1 Copy- Parents’ pay slip (latest, normally within 6 months)/ BE Form (latest) / Letter of confirmation of unemployment for housewife and retired parents.

     -For students who submit applications in semester 2 and above, the following additional documents are required:
v  1 Copy- Confirmation letters are still learning from your College/ University.

v 1 Copy- The results of all previous semesters. 

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  1. Thanks Mr Sai.

  2. It is not always simple to get a loan. Thank you for bringing some light into this!

  3. Is it possible to have ptptn loan to study in Taiwan?

  4. Is the CIMB account mandatory? Or is any other savings account usable

  5. I don't have a CIMB account book , only the card . PTPTN want a copy of it (that contain the account number) . Should I make a copy of my card ?

  6. Thumbs up for the useful information!

    Additionally, there are still many informations that students are clueless about, like they are most likely still eligible for ptptn loan even if they receive tuition fee waiver from the institutions.

    Repayment rebates are also announced from time to time which means free money for students, regardless whether they need the loan from the start or not.

    For more tips you need to know about ptptn do visit :

  7. May i ask if o level ptptn can financing ?

  8. Thank you for sharing this information it has helped me to know more about Student Loan Eligibility