5 Things To Do During SPM

SPM is reaching in a week time. Indeed, what's the best preparation to do before and during the exam? Here's some tips for you.

#1 Enough of sleep

Never try to burn midnight oil for exam. Preparation should be done few days before the paper, not a day or few hours before the paper. Make sure you have enough of sleep and rest so that you can perform well during the paper. If you tend to fall asleep or feel sleepy during the exam, you know you are not going to do well in the paper anymore. Always remember, have enough of rest!

#2 Smart studying

Proper preparation should be done earlier. Just go through all the important sections a day before the paper. Perhaps you can have a look at the general mind maps or all the trials papers you have done. 

#3 Keep yourselves fresh

Every time before your paper starts, go toilet and wash your face with water. It helps to refresh yourselves.

#4 Be calmed

Don't be panic. It's just an exam. Have a deep breath. Just relax yourselves and go for your best shoot. 

#5 Confident

The main component. Always be confident in yourselves. Be confident with your answer. Always motivate yourselves and tell yourselves you can make it. Don't lose the passion and confident. YOU CAN MAKE IT. HAVE FAITH :)

Good luck and all the best to all the SPM candidates. Be confident and give your best shoot! Hard work will paid off.

"Success only comes for those who busy looking for it."


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  1. been reading ur blog,nice one!:)

  2. now I am motivated to study for my final examination in university after reading this