What You Know About PLKN

Normally there would be 2 types of reactions for those who saw the statement above with their own name stated.

1st  - Excited and Happy
2nd - Sad, sad, and sad 

Well~ Don't worry.

PLKN is actually quite fun!!
It is not that hard core and scary that you are imagining.

Here are some photos of me and my friends taken during my PLKN period.

First of all:
Here's our dorm 
PURPLE color is our blanket

The photo above is the normal bed...
But when your bed is messy , be prepared when you going back to your dorm after the morning exercise....
This is what will happen to your bed~~

That is consider very light punishment~
Sometimes you will find your bed in front of the door and
Sometimes you can't even find your bed because it is in the middle of the field.
HAHAHAHAH....(so mean...) 

We have duty roster too~
Everyone need to work!! ^.^
This is where we dry our shirt =)

Next concern!!!


Nice right??
BUT... not everyday.. is certain and special day only...

So, most of the time...
we have our own party in the room ^.^ HEHEHEH....

I know is not healthy~ :p

 If you are the active one~ PLKN suits you!!
 We had a lot of fun and excited activities =)

This is the Ketua Pelantikan of each group =)

Flying Fox

My team get the Champion!! HOHO

Ready to go into the jungle!!!!!

All the prizes that my team won!!! 

Besides those tiring activities, we also did some nice and fun things ^.^

Outfit of Retro Night =)
Traditional Outfit ^.^
If you have any talent , show it on those festive day....
Guitar, Violin, Dance... Whatever you have, you show it and enjoy it =)

Another thing that make you won't regret for going to PLKN is FRIENDS!!!!!

Here are some small reminders for those who are going to PLKN
Remember to bring:- 

* HANGERS to hang your uniform

*DETERGENT and BRUSH to wash your shirt ( there is no washing machine over there to       wash your own clothes) 
* FOOD!!! ( Milo or any packet drinks, biscuit for your supper...) 
* THERMOS ( For your drinks)
* EXTRA LOCK (For your own luggage and the locker)
* Bring some TRADITIONAL OUTFITS in case you need it 
**** Bring permanent marker and write your name on your belongings..
         ( If not your things will be missing and you will see it in someone else place) 

At last, I wish all the PLKN candidates enjoy your national service!!!

In short, don't be phobia to the word 'PLKN'. It's actually a very good experience for you guys. Enjoy! 


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  1. if i have a chance to go many years back, i think i would have fun....

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  3. which camp location was this though?