Top 5 Places To Go During Holidays

Here comes the holidays which everyone has been looking for! Congratz to those who had done with their SPM and examination. It's time to enjoy your holidays to the max before you get into your hectic life again. Have no idea where to enjoy and chill? No worries! Here's the top 5 places which you can spend your happy moments with your dearest friends!  Have fun guys! 

#1 Sekeping Serendah

It is a forest retreat located at somewhere nearby Rawang. It is a very chilling and peaceful place with the surrounding of natural tropical environment. Indeed, the phone signal is hardly weak in this forest retreat and therefore can keep you away from your busy lifestyle. You will be able to have a relaxing moments and enjoy the beauty of the nature. Last but no least, it's one of the most beautiful place to give yourselves a break and relaxation. More information about this can be referred here.

Surrounded with nature environment.
Wooden house.
The bed.
There's swimming pool.
BBQ sets are provided.
Self-made breakfast.
Trip with friends is always the best.

#2 Sungai Lembing

It's kind of village with the surroundings of forests. The people there living a simple and happy lifestyle. Again, it's also a very chilling place to hangout. Go for the homestay. You can rent bicycle and cycle around the Sungai Lembing village and enjoy the beauty of the mother nature. The feeling is simply amazing. Moreover, you would have the chance to explore their landmark, which is the waterfall with rainbow. The journey to the rainbow waterfall is pretty challenging. You need to take about an hour ride of truck, followed by about an hour of climbing and hiking. The scene of the waterfall with the accompanied of rainbow is simply splendid. It worth a visit. 

Cycle around the Sungai Lembing Village.
Truck ride. Journey to the rainbow waterfall.
Journey to the rainbow waterfall.
Rainbow waterfall.
Rainbow waterfall.

#3 Sunway Lagoon

Undeniably Sunway Lagoon has the best water park in Malaysia. The new addition of Vuvuzela has became the latest attraction. Indeed, Sunway Lagoon's Vuvuzela has successfully and officially made into the Malaysia Book of Record 2013 as the biggest water ride in Malaysia. Frankly speaking, Vuvuzela is super fun. You just can't get enough by playing it once, I bet you will keep playing it again and again. Furthermore, scream park is another a-must-go. The whole journey in the scream park takes around 15 minutes, which means you get to experience the terrifying yet exciting moments for 15 minutes long! The normal entrance fee for an adult is RM120, however, with your MyKad, you can get it at RM90. Lastly, Sunway Lagoon Malaysia is truly fun. 

Malaysia's largest water ride.

#4 Pulau Penang

It's all about food, food, and food! Asam laksa, cendol, char kuey teow and many more. You just can't say no to all these lips-smacking foods. Time to eat all day long after busying and being stressed for examination or work. Indeed, grab the chance to visit the famous street wall arts before it's gone. Moreover, you can also have a meal at the seaside while enjoying the sea breeze. 

Street wall art.

#5 East Malaysia

Get bored of hectic city life? Perhaps you can choose to travel to east Malaysia to experience the easy and simple lifestyle over there. East Malaysia (Sabah or Sarawak) has quite a number of homestay which you are able to experience their living lifestyle, beauty of nature, or have a closer look to the habit of orang asli. 

Enjoy Your Holidays & Have Fun! 


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