Problems With The Younger Generations

There are a number of bad habits arise among the younger generations of today. 
Here's the most common bad habits of the generation Y. 

#24 Hours On Phone

The major problem with the teenagers today. Face-to-face communication isn't that common anymore. Anti-socialism tends to be the trend now. It's super common for you to observe family or friends sitting around a table, playing respective phones and do not communicate with each others.

#R.I.P Punctuality

It's hardly to observe punctuality in the younger ones nowadays. Being late is so common. It's okay and forgiven to late once in a while or might be due to some emergencies, but most of them tend to be late almost every time. Even though they have been questioned or advised, yet improvement is still not seen. 
There's always someone who always late in your friends circle, isn't it? 


Laziness. Teens nowadays just barely overcome hardships. They always dream or expect somethings to go for them easily, yet they are so reluctant to work hard for it. There's always excuses for them to be lazy. Today, it's super rare to see children helping out their parents doing house-chores.


Teenagers always aim for branded materials. They tend to judge people based on their appearances and brands of their stuffs. Indeed, a full body of branded stuffs doesn't mean he/she is rich and a full body of normal brands doesn't mean he/she is poor. It's a bad habit to judge people based on appearance. Moreover, much of money wasted just because of meterialism. 


It is undeniably that teens today are too pampered by their parents. They have been living in such a comfortable condition and therefore they are unwilling to taste the bitter parts of their lives. They just wish and expect everything to be easy and simple for them. They want the success, but they are unlikely to work for it. 

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  1. I kinda agree with #24 Hours On Phone,coz nowadays everyone afford to own a tablet and they rather use their table to play games rather than face-to face communication

  2. sad, i'm in one of the categories~

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary)