Do Not Jog At Roadside

Undeniable, running or jogging is a healthy exercise to be practiced. BUT, the location of doing this healthy sport is truly important as well. Else you would fail to gain the benefit from running, but indeed you are harming your body and health. 

It's not a good idea to jog at roadside. WHY?

Here comes a brief knowledge of science. Hearts tend to pump faster as we are exercising. This is to ensure sufficient delivery and supply of oxygenated blood to our muscle. Indeed, breathing rate plays a major role in this condition. Breathing rate increases so that oxygen can be continuously supplied to the blood for delivery to all parts of the body. 

However, if you tend to do your running at the roadside, you would breath in large amount of harmful substances into your lungs, for example the dirty air released by the cars. When you are jogging at the road, it's for sure you will encounter with numerous of cars which keep on bypassing you. Consequently, you will breath in the exhausted gas emitted by the cars. At the meanwhile, as your breathing rate is increased, so you tend to inhale even more amount of harmful air into your body. Typically, the exhaust gas emitted from the cars is extremely harmful to human body. Gas emitted by vehicles contained numerous of harmful substances which will greatly impact on human health, for example carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen, sulphur dioxide and etc. More details of the exhaust gas particles can be referred here. Those tiny particles might accumulate in your lungs and cause harm to it in long term. 

As you can see, jogging or running at the roadside is simply a dumb idea. You are just killing yourselves slowly and unconsciously. There are many places for a better jogging experience. Park, garden, or running track. Just get yourselves a place with a better air to exercise. It's good to have a regular jog, but make sure it is done at a correct place in a correct way. 

Be a wise runner. Share the information with you loves one. Advice them not to jog at the roadside anymore. Stay healthy live happily! CHEERS! 

"Enjoy the process, but at the meanwhile don't get yourselves harm."

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