SPM 2013 Chemistry Tips : Spotted Questions

Remember everyone can be a Genius,
its all about the hardwork you put into it. 

If you want to score A+ in Chemistry, just stick to hardcore revising and doing more practice questions from various sources. The spotted questions can only help you focus on a few important and popular questions this year! 

The questions will be randomly rearranged, but the answers are the same. All the best! 


Paper 2 
Q1. Alloy, glass, contact, haber process. 
Q2. Periodic table, atomic size, electronegativity, explain
Q3. Determine type of salt, copper salts, heating
Q4. Rate of reaction, factors, sketch graph, calculation
Q5. Heat of precipitation, definition, calculation
Q6. Redox, oxidising agent + KI, test, rusting

Q7. Electrolytic cell, type of electrodes, arrange ecs
Q8. Ionic, covalent compound, empirical formula, calculation
Q9. Flow chart for carbon compound, ester, polymer, latex
Q10. Acid and base, pH reading vs concentration, neutralisation,

Paper 3
Q1. Ror, temperature or concentration 
Q2. Voltaic cell, more electropositive metal in ecs 
Q3.  i. Rusting + metals   ii. solubility of salt   iii. purity of liquid  iv. more updates soon :) 


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  1. never forget to express my gratitude to u.it's helped a lot.