SPM 2013 Physics Tips : Spotted Questions

Remember a Genius is 99% perspiration and 1% luck only. 

If you want to score A+ in Physics, 
#1. Understand the Concept
#2. Know the format of Physics SPM Questions
#3. Answer like a Pro.

Just stick to hardcore revising and doing more practice questions from various sources. The spotted questions can only help you focus on a few important and popular questions this year! The questions will be randomly rearranged, but the answers are the same. All the best! 


Paper 2 
Q1. Measuring Instrument : Vernier Calipers & Micrometer Screw Gauge
Q2. Principle of Conservation of Energy with PE, KE and Work Done
Q3. Sound & Water Waves, interference and diffraction, concept, wave pattern
Q4. Gas Laws, sketch graph calculations and kinetic theory of matter.
Q5. Ray Diagrams : Concave & Convex Mirror with applications.
Q6. Radioisotopes for medical and industry, calculation of half life, graph, definitions

Q7. Electric Circuits, V=IR, Efficiency of Electrical Devices, Modifications
Q8. Heat Capacity and Latent Heat, Calculation, Modifications.

Q9.  Elastic Potential Energy, Spring Constant Arrangement, Applications
Q10. Telescope / Microscope, Selection of Convex Lens and Reasons
Q11. Semiconductor, Transistor Circuit, Relay Switch, Calculations
Q12. Transformer calculation, explaination, Motor and Dynamo, Suitability, 

Paper 3
Q1. Take reading of a measuring instrument, balance/vernier calipe/manometer tabulation, graph. 
Q2. Graph, gradient, substitute formula *remember to write units for all. 
Q3. i. Electromagnetic Induction ii.Pressure vs Area  iii. Focal Length vs Lens iv.more update soon. 


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