Excessive Protein Intake: Kidney Failure

It's been a trend lately in which a lot of teenagers very active in gym workout. Having a lean and muscular body figure have became their common goal of life. In order to achieve lean and muscular body shape, hard work and time are required. Indeed, many people start taking protein powders with the purpose of boosting muscle growth. Undeniably, they are happy to witness the positive effect of the protein powders brought to them, in which making their muscle bigger from days to days. However, they do not know excessive protein consumption would actually bring a huge impact to their body health. It's not a joke, this matter must be taken care cautiously. 

Kidney plays a major role in waste excretion. Excess protein cannot be stored in the human body and therefore it must be eliminated out from the body. Kidney would filter out excess protein for elimination via urination. Over time, this will lead to a tremendous amount of pressure and strain on the kidneys, which will eventually fasten the loss of kidney function as well as deal damage to the kidney. At this point, kidney removal needed to be carried out. 

You might not believe its seriousness, but it did happen. There are people who are reluctant to have their kidneys removed due to severe damage caused by excessive protein intake. 

As mentioned, this is caused by long term of excessive protein consumption. You might not experience it now, but indeed you are damaging your kidney slowly. It's alright to consume protein, but do not over taking it. 

Prevention better than cure. It's too late to regret and cry when things happened. 

If you have family or friends who tend to consume protein powders, advice them before it's too late.

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