Another Year of Achievements

This booklet was given by my student from SMK Kepong Baru who attended their school "Anugerah Cemerlang". It's been such an honour to see my students have gotten flying colour in SPM. 

Two of my students scored straight As in SPM, and the top scorer for Physics and Chemistry were also from my classes [proud teacher here :) ]. 

Thanks for the hardwork of school teachers, dedicated parents and tutors. We are a team. I always believe to help a student excel we need to play like a team; school teachers all making sure the students time in school is utilised properly,parents at home must have feed them well and ensure they have a good rest with lots of emotional support and tutors simplify complicated subjects to as easy as ABC and laser focus on how to tackle examinations questions. 

will always be proud of Huey Lee, Mei Jie and Wing Lam. 

They are very hardworking students which is able to find a balance between their studies, school activities and friends. 

wishing them all the best and successful in the future

'will always be proud to have taught you'
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