Ways to Score A* In A-level Law

As the title tells, this is a post for whoever wishes to study law subject for Cambridge International Examination A Level (or is currently studying). As a top scorer for A-Level Law in the world, I would love to share my ways of studying and hopefully you, the reader, would find them useful :)

1. Be Hardworking!!!

I never consider myself a highly intelligent person but I believe in hard work and persistence strongly. Studying for any subjects would require us to be hardworking in order to score well, law is no exception except for the fact that you have to brace yourself for a tremendous amount of reading. Knowledge is vital for studying law. The more we read, the more we gain and the better our essays will be.

It is always good to read extra materials, for example, articles.
I did not use a specific website to find useful articles, normally I googled whatever topics that I wished to know more of and.. tadaaaa the magical Google led me to a world of resources.

2.  Remember that you are allowed to rest.

Although we have to sacrifice most of our free time to read, do not forget to allow ourselves some relaxing moments. I personally love watching funny videos and listening to music whenever I am feeling stressed in the midst of reading. 

Handling stress can be tough, but hey, remember it's all about our minds.

3. Do Not Give UP.

There will be times when you feel burnt out and suddenly all becomes so taxing and hard. I personally had experienced this. What I did was telling myself not to give up. I have always found that telling yourself these words is very motivating. Try it and see how you feel.

4. Pick the RIGHT Book.

Without the right book it would be pointless to work hard like a mad cow. I recommend reading some easier and basic texts when we are first introduced to the law. After we get familiarised with it, we can start reading some deeper texts.

Here are some of the easier texts that I had used:

AS Level - English Legal System

A2 Level- Contract Law

A2 Level - Tort Law

These are the deeper texts:
 AS Level - English Legal System

 A2 Level - Contract Law

A2 Level - Tort Law

It is always good to read some model essays too :)

In my opinion there is no 'best' book but the right ones that you find useful for your studies. So, be hardworking to 'explore' more books in your college library and you might find some that are good for you :)

5. UNDERSTAND the concepts.

This is very important in studying law. I have often heard people say memorising is important. Yes, it is, but without understanding the concept, merely memorising is useless.
Hence, be sure to understand the law before memorising and applying it. The way I had used to test whether I had understood the law was by doing my own notes.
Be hardworking to do your own notes!

There is no right or wrong way of doing notes.
Some people like their notes to be in order while others like their notes to be a little artistic, do them in the way you would like to do :P

Answering Techniques:

1#  Be prepared with an answer frame for each chapter before sitting for the exam. 

We will be given 1 hour and 30 minutes for law paper and we are required to write 3 essays. Breaking this up, there will be 30 minutes for us to finish one essay, so there is very limited time for us to think long before starting to write.
Hence, having an answer frame and knowing the important points to write beforehand definitely help a lot.

2# Write fast.

It is pretty obvious that we have to write fast given that the time is so limited but be sure that your handwriting is legible :P

Be prepared to train your hand muscles!

Scoring A* for law is not mission impossible.
If I can do it, you can do it.

Last but not least, do your VERY BEST in everything.
Do not have expectations.
Do not focus on the outcome.
Focus on the process and give in what you've got.

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About the Author
Ms. Goo Yee San believes that knowledge and education could make the world a better place. 
She took CIE A Level at Brickfields Asia College for year 2014/15 and was awarded the prestigious Cambridge Top in The World award for Law subject for the Oct/Nov 2015 session. 

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