Food Foundry Section 17, PJ

Finally we've reached this place! Food foundry, a place that was recommended by a friend of mine.
It was not easy to find this place, we've been using waze to track it. 
It's location is at the shoplots below Happy Mansion - an apartment.

Well, lets get straight to the point; food that we ordered. 

Garlic bread as starter

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Grilled fish with Spaghetti

Chicken Chop
*Do not get fooled, the portion is half of the plate.*

Chocolate Fudge, Vanilla & Strawberry Millie Crepe

Their food pricing is around RM15 to 25, and around RM10 for a piece of cake.

To be honest, their main courses are not so special, well taste normal. 
If you're really hungry then u will taste it as heavenly good. Otherwise, it doesn't turn up your taste buds.

On the other hand, their cakes, are something worth the try. Especially the 
Millie Crepe
Nadeje fans would love it as it taste something just like it.

A piece of advise, use a GPS if you really wanted to go, other wise it's easy to get lost, for me. :)

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