SPM Practical Exams for 2015 Cancelled

Last year 2014, the examination board suddenly declared they want to stop Paper 3(written practical) and requested all schools to prepare for the lab practical for all sciences. So all teachers in school try to predict explain to the students whats going on. The lab assistants told us about the shortage of lab supplies and a million few problems we will be facing. We finally got it straighten up and we did solve all the major and minor problems to get our students ready., 

Now in Mac 2015, they changed their mind. 

I mean, lets put the teachers problems aside and focus on our students and children. They are already facing enough pressure because of SPM year, and they are already set for the new format and now they have to re-adjust again. It will be easy for stronger students but average to weak students might suffer and gave up. 

All the best to our SPM Students 2015. 

For those who didn't a get a chance to see the letter, here you go.

so next year 2016 confirmed?

'... practical SPM examinations will be delayed to 2016...'

let's hope no surprise last minute changes in the coming months

'..Paper 1, Paper 2, Paper 3 will be unchanged as per previous years...'

'...the letter dated 10 June 2014 is now cancelled...'

You can view the letter from the Lembaga Peperiksaan Official Website
or just click the direct link HERE

This matter we may reflect on 

1. Our MOE is actually making changes in hope to improve the education system
2. They are open this time since they posted up the official letter with errors.
1. Plan ahead and execute with plan 
2. They need to communicate with teachers and staffs who are on the field facing students each day
3. No reasons for cancellation were stated in the letter or any other portals
Well! Good Luck! 


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