Coffee Bean Treats For The Best

Student: Teacher, you owe me prize money?

Me: huh? what?

Student: You said if i get highest in my class you give me a reward

Me: (smile) sure, 1st show me your paper

Student: Nah! (holding the paper proudly)

Me: waaaa! ,.. congratulations, what you want coffeebean, boost juice or cha time?

Student 2: I got for highest in the class for Chem too!

Me: ok la, both of you will get a treat, so what do you want?

Student: i'm ok with anything (happy)

Student 2: Coffee bean then... (super happy also)


when a student can be on top of the class under your teaching,
it feels like a mini achievement,
and you just wanted to do more for them,
make sure they get straight A+ for SPM
and life

young people nowadays... well.. they like to share stuffs online

just another random post.


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